Psychic Walking

consciousness remote viewingRecently I was taking a long walk through the suburb of a foreign city and thought it a good opportunity to brush up on my “psychic” abilities. I played a game I used to play a lot as a teenager, which is to try to “remote view” the color of the car coming up from behind. The street I was walking down had around 2 to 3 cars pass every minute, so this was a most excellent opportunity at practicing “psychic seeing”. The initial results were very disappointing…I didn’t get a single color right. This went on for about 5 minutes with only a lucky guess now and then, so I changed my approach. Instead of trying to “remote view” the colors of the cars that were approaching behind me, I made it a little easier and merely had to sense whether they were dark (blue, black, brown, purple, etc.) or light (white, yellow, green, red, etc.). So the odds of being right were 50% to begin with, which made it appear as if I was “succeeding”. So I got about every second car right. This Illusion of success bolstered belief, but 50% wasn’t satisfying, of course. So I went on like this for another 5 to 10 Minutes. And then it started getting better. My success rate took a jump to about 80% – a rate that certainly surpasses random guessing. It had just taken some time – in this case about 30 minutes of continual practice – before it started working like it did when I was a teenager. I had become a little rusty I guess. I was delighted that almost every car was appropriately identified as either being light or dark. Also, the “third eye” area in my forehead started awakening. I could feel that area in my head activating; it was a pleasant sort of “pressure” emanating from there. So once I was up to almost 90%, I then again went back to remote viewing specific colors. “The next care is green” and green it was. “The next one is white” and white it was.  With specific colors I was now having a 50% success rate, which, considering the many possible colors there are, also seemed to be well beyond random guessing. 60 Minutes into the exercise my forehead felt highly lucid – I am not sure how else to describe it – as in a sort of pressure plus the occasional tingling sensation. I was now at a success rate of about 70%, which was very delightful. My whole state was highly altered from only an hour ago. Psychic openness is not necessarily a more joyful or loving state, but it’s certainly a very different state that has an appeal of its own. It’s as if one has shifted into a more fluid way of perceiving. Normally we perceive linearly from eye to object, and this state was as if I was no longer perceiving with my eyes, but as some kind of floating 360 Degree circumference. It took about 60 Minutes of dedicated practice to get into this zone.

Then, getting bored by cars, I tried to alter the exercise by remote viewing what it would look like down the next street once I reached its corner. And even though I appeared to be in the flow, I quickly realized that I had to first tune into this new exercise too. It took another 15 Minutes before I started getting things right. The first one was the impression of “yellow” down the next street. And when I reached that street I was delighted to see three yellow painted houses and two yellow cars…a rather unusual sight to behold in any town. From that first success-experience onwards, things got smoother and I again could predict with a 60-70% accuracy the kinds of things I would soon be seeing at the next corner. What an awesome walk this was turning out to be! I hadn’t been practicing this for a long, long time but it was great to see that the skill was still there when needed.

So why hadn’t I practiced or used it for such a long time? Because it’s not really that useful all the time. It is fun and it is nice to know we have that power when needed, but seeing too much all the time by having ones channels open like that, can sometimes become a distraction, a diversion to ones intentions in life. For example when I go open a bank account somewhere, I don’t really want to be aware of the bank tellers emotional pains, past lives, future issues and aspirations. I just want to open a bank account. Or if I am driving home, I don’t really want to know what all the people who pass me in their cars are thinking and feeling or what it looks like further down the road. I had better be focused on the current part of the road. Or visiting a Museum, I don’t want to be helping out some trapped Ghost there, but merely checking out the Museum. So opening ones psychic eyes like this is not always of practical use. It can be of practical use to be forewarned of some bad move – such as getting on a plane that might crash, or of finding some lost item, or figuring out some of the hidden ongoings in the world. The bottom line is: It is good to be able to open the doors of perception but also close them again. 

I can make a little confession here: I do not like the terms “psychic” and “remote viewing” because they are incorrect. They don’t name what is really going on. I`d say the reason not many are able to “remote view” or be “psychic” is precisely because of what false Definitions such words imply. In what follows I will describe why such words are actually wrong and prevent the very abilities they seem to describe. 

The term “psychic” implies that this is an ability of the psyche…the localized mind, intellect or something in the brain. The term “remote viewing” implies that one needs to think of external places that are “remote”. But what is really going on is that this is a skill of Consciousness, which is non-localized. It is not happening from the brain to the external world. It should actually be called Intuition! IN-tuition to be more precise. Or at least “remote sensing” rather than remote viewing. It is sensed by the nervous system, and you can be more successful with it, if you factor out the mind or brain or physical eyes having to do anything with it. It is an awareness of the 360 degree circumference. This awareness occurs with the entire body, not just with the brain or the eyes. And it goes well beyond the body. The awareness is like air in that it is localized everywhere. Hence, this awareness can perceive things everywhere, even the places the eyes can’t see. 

I don’t really know if anyone could just go out and take a walk and get these results or how much practice it would take to get them. That’s up for you to determine. My guess is that some peoples “psychic” eyes are closed. And if they are, then it’s always for good reason. I`d also reckon that many would be surprised that they are not closed but have a very good capability of remote viewing. What is important though, in my view, is to abandon the idea of mind, brain and eyes being clairvoyant and instead understand Consciousness itself being “clairvoyant”. And its not really “clairvoyant” either. Nor is it “paranormal”. Its just that Consciousness is everywhere at the same time. Neither does Consciousness project “meaning” and “labels” upon things. Thats the mind. By projecting “meaning”, perception is distorted. So someone lets out a sigh, and the mind might instantly project the “meaning” that “this person is angry” or even “this person is angry at me”. But the reality may be that this person is just tired. Because the situation was not viewed label-less, the true meaning of the sigh, which would have revealed it self, remains veiled. So to increase your “psychic” abilities would mean to release and drop a few of your meanings, labels and definitions of things, regularly and habitually. Just note and notice what label you are giving something or someone, drop it on the out-breathe and view the situation, place or thing without label. Or whisper: “I don’t know what this means, I allow the Most High to reveal it to me”. This will make it much easier to perceive what is going on. 

“Remote” perception works, when your general perception is already intact. If you are a habitual observer of people and things and have a very keen eye and notice things many don’t, then you are also more likely to “remote” perceive. When you remove labels, things will look very different. Someone once deemed “supersexy” might suddenly revealed as insecure and afraid. Someone deemed stupid might suddenly be revelealed as a genius. People with less labels are very hard to fool, because their perception of truth is immediate and intuitive. Likewise, the perception of cars approaching behind you, is immediate and intuitive. The moment you try to think about what color the car has, you lost that immediate perception. 

More Psychic Walking

 new psychic remote viewing discoveriesInspired and Surprised by my last „Psychic Walk“ I decided to go out and do it again today to see whether the good results were repeatable. If something is repeatable, science-minded folks consider it valid.

This time I practiced on anything, cars, what would appear behind buildings, what would appear when I walked past houses and peered into Gardens, what cars were approaching behind, what I would see when looking over walls and fences, what person would be walking behind me when I heard footsteps.

I kept score. A correct perception gave me one point, an incorrect one gave the “other team” a point and an ambiguous perception gave neither a point. “Ambiguous” is what I considered correct perceptions but not correct enough to be of any concrete value. For instance I “saw” a white car approach, but it was actually a white pick up truck. While “white” was correct, I determined that I should have noticed that it did not look anything like a car. Another example of Ambiguity was when I “saw” a wooden rake leaned against a house, and then as I actually arrived there, I did see something leaning against the wall in the exact manner I saw it, but it was neither wooden nor a rake.

False perceptions were for example when I thought that behind a house I would find cars parked or childrens toys and there weren’t any there. Or when I “perceived” an upcoming car behind me to be blue and it turned out to be red.

I ended the exercise, which was about a one hour walk of approximately 8000 steps (I have a smartphone App that counts steps and approximate calories burnt) at a score of 17 to 15 for me, clearly above the 50% mark. What was incredibly encouraging was the precise nature of the correct guesses. I will share the two most astounding here:

The most used practice was to look what would appear behind houses once I reached them. Walking toward them I could only see what was in front one side of a house but not in front of the other side. At one point I thought “behind this house there is a pile of big stones” and sure enough, there was a hill of stones used for building, apparently because someone was preparing to build something there. Soon thereafter I thought “Coming up is a Garden full of small trees”. I did not really “say” or “think” this, I just saw it. And sure enough, it was the very first Garden I saw full of small trees neatly planted throughout a small Garden. This, of course, was an area I had never walked before. Had I ever walked it before one could assume I was operating from memory. The Garden full of small trees (the only one I had seen on the entire walk) and the pile of stones were extremely pleasing results. They were pleasing because they were not what was to be expected in that area, where nearly every garden looked somewhat similar to the other and none of the others had building stones or a garden of freshly planted trees in them. 

And I remembered an important aspect of “remote viewing” that I had forgotten about but now recalled (the mind all too easily forgets things regarding Consciousness, which why I am writing it down right now): The reason it is actually rather “difficult” to remote view is not because we don’t see enough but rather, because we see too much. You are not actually seeing with your senses, you are seeing with Consciousness. And because Consciousness is not limited to one particular viewpoint, angle or filter but rather all-encompassing, it views a scene in its entirety. Perception is instant (despite so many “Psychics” pretending that it takes a while to receive information or pretending they first have to go into a lengthy trance to do so), but its really an Art to filter and make sense of what was perceived to the Conscious Mind. This is why it was easier, in the previous experiment, to first view whether the cars approaching behind me were generally more “light” or “dark”. It was because Consciousness simply delivered an entire “blotch” of everything I put my attention to. Then, later, it was possible to filter out specific colors. But I still haven’t been able to filter out the specific type of cars, which is why at one point I saw a “white car” but it was actually a white truck. Had a relied on my ears I might have heard that it was a truck, but that would have been cheating, of course.

So it works like this: When you are in a fairly relaxed state, fairly free of tension, desire, resistance, fantasizing, remembering, etc. then all you have to do is target some area with your attention. Perception of that area is instant. You simply take the very first impression that comes up. Perception is also more with the whole body-mind, not just with the mind or brain. Its as if your entire nervous system is “picking up” or FEELING what is there. Whatever packet of information you received must then somehow be “translated” for the Conscious mind to understand. The conscious mind will filter, distort and deliver a lot of false results, which is why this art requires some amount of Training. The training required is not one of perception. Consciousness requires no training of perception. It is more a training of clearing the mind, releasing labels and falls ideas and simply picking up “what-is”. The process is a rather sensual one, involving the whole body. All these mind-centered geeks will have difficulty with “remote viewing” because it’s a whole-body and whole-consciousness thing. Once you start “thinking” or second-guessing, you have lost perception and are wasting your time. It’s a sensual “feeling your way” through things, permeating various spaces, areas and places with your felt sense. Some of these felt senses are translated into conscious-mind images that you can make sense of. Rarely are they ever translated into words. That’s why its often better to draw pictures of what you view remotely than to verbalize it. In my walk I “saw” a “strange saucer object lying on the ground”. When I got there I saw that it was actually a Hat! So I indeed so correctly, but my mind translated it incorrectly as a “saucer object”. Once words or names are put to it, perception distorts. Had I just made a drawing of the saucer-like object and then compared it to the Hat, I would have seen that my perception was correct (I didn’t count that one as a score for me, by the way).

So one of the reasons paranormal abilities appear not to be controllable and repeatable by people, is because they aren’t. They are “controlled” by Consciousness which is a more vast field than the Ego/Mind-Self. This also explains why so many premonitions occur either in altered states or nightdreams. It is because the Subconscious actually does pick up all of this, but the Conscious mind needs more time to process it. And before it does, it is filtered and sifted by apparent “Importance”. The conscious-mind however is not totally uninvolved. It is your conscious self that decides and intends what is important (what is to be filtered and thus perceived) and what isn’t. So the conscious mind almost never perceives the totality of any situation but only that which is consciously and subconsciously considered important. I have noticed this in much of my coaching work, where I talk at length to students and in their responses can see that they “filter” what was said and dont really listen to the totality of what was said. This, of course, is what we all do, me included. We all “cherry pick”, except that its not always the cherries we pick. We rarely pay attention to the totality of something, like Consciousness does. But with increased Awareness, we at least become aware of more. And more. And more. 

Even More Psychic Walking 

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