Peak Performance Coaching

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To reach peak performance as a singer, actor, golf-player, pianist, tennis player, executive or teacher or in any other area of life, you require at least 3 things:

1. Sustained Focus

This is another way of saying practice and repetition. The more repetitions of action you conduct, the more you dig a grove in your mind. The grove can become a limitation of course, making it difficult to shift focus to other aspects and paths, so its advisable to dig several groves for your skill but also dig some outside of your expertise. 

It almost does not matter which particular field you focus on, the art of focusing itself is a valuable skill and also a rather pleasant state of mind. So whether you are focusing on a pebble in the zen garden or focusing on remaking your website, the pleasant state that arises is the same. Its the choosing and zooming on one thing that allows you to step out of time and space concerns and experience the deep satisfaction of bringing about a new reality by your sustained focus and effort. 

2. A Vision bigger than yourself

The inner will of a person never acts without a vision or belief in something. If you believe you cant reach the stars, you will not start moving in that direction. Children on the other hand, because they are not impeded by limiting beliefs, will stretch their arms in the direction of something they’d like to achieve. The child may not reach the object of its desire and you may not reach the stars, but you will have begun moving in the right direction. Disbelief or lack of vision is like driving with the brakes on. 

To achieve peak performance it is advisable to operate from a context bigger than yourself and possibly even bigger than achievable. This is why so much of my coaching work involves a spiritual context. Without the belief in higher values, higher aims and even a higher world there is not only a lack of essential motivation but also a lack of a bigger picture from which your high goals look small in comparison. You see, because I believe that I am living within an infinite and abundant field of energy, I am not daunted by any tasks or goals which all seem miniature in comparison. Through meditation, contemplation, energy-work, visualization, prayer, lucid dreaming and similar, I get in touch with that aspect of me that is infinite. That allows me to emerge from tough situations fairly unscathed. 

3. Coaching and Mentoring

You can achieve high performance without outside help, but peak performance coaching is usually best achieved with the assistance of experts, mentors and plenty of external Feedback. The outside perspective can see things you may be missing (because you have been digging your groves ever so deeply), and can provide the few extra bits of energy when you have reached the outermost limits of your own energy reserves. Of course the coach is no substitute for your own power. In fact, I always recommend people drive on their own energy for as long as they can and only book a consultant or coach when they themselves have done everything within the range of their capabilities. Thats the moment a coach is the most empowering, providing extra lubricant and fuel to the motors of your passion. 

So the three paths to peak performance are really work (sustained focus), belilef (vision) and support (coaching), and in this order. Start with the work required to become a top _______ (fill in the blank). And when you have reached the limits of what you are able to do, refill your passion with fresh belief and vision. And when you have reached the limits of what you are able to believe, refill your passion with coaching. You will perform in your field at peak level and “be all that you can be”. And you will look back on your life and say “That was a life lived to the fullest”. 


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