Miracle Story 22: Visualizing without Expectation

Visualizing without expectationThis story was sent in by Geoff Parsons, geoff (at) It is a nice little story that demonstrates the art of “visualizing without expectation”. Thanks to Geoff for serving as an inspiration to us all.

“This isn’t a big one, although,
everything, no matter how small is infinitely amazing. :)

I was commenting on Facebook on a friend’s post and noticed a girl
commenting, so I looked at her page and felt she was someone I might know,
perhaps a soul friend, plus her birthday is near mine.

I relaxed, imagined that I was looking at a friend request from her,
pictured the little “confirm ignore” box and felt myself smiling. I then let
go and got on with the rest of my evening.

The next morning, less than 18 hours later I popped on Facebook and I saw
the “confirm ignore” box from her. :-)

I didn’t speak to her, or engage her in ANY way, not even in the comments
section of the mutual friend. I had basically *zero* contact with her.

I think it’s really awesome, because it shows just how quickly we can
manifest that which we imagine if we can REALLY let go and remove all
expectation. The only thing stopping us from manifesting “big” things is our
intense expectation and resistances”.


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