Miracle Stories

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This new article series will feature “Miracle Stories” – true tales of miraculous events, divine intervention, spontaneous healing, synchronicity, supernatural happenings and delightful surprise. The intention of this series is to inspire you to notice the miraculously wondrous in your own everyday life. I will use stories from my life, from the life of people I know but I am also relying on your stories. If you have miracle or synchronicity stories to share, please send them to me for publication on this Blog. Your stories can be simple or complex,  but they must be true and have happened to you or been directly witnessed by you. As this series progresses throughout all of the year 2012 I am sure you will remember your own instances of miracle. To give the stories credibility it would be nice if you provide your real name to the stories or at least an email address where people could contact you if they had any questions. If you do not want to provide either your real name or an email address, your stories can still be published though. The “Miracle Stories” series relies on your giving. What you put into it, you will get out of it. There will be no “story contest”, otherwise exaggeration is bound to happen. There will simply be a very long series of beautiful true stories throughout all of 2012. To send your story or ask questions, please use the Contact Form on the upper right hand side of this site. I am very much looking forward to your daily life stories of miracles small and big.


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