The magic of deliberate Intention

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When one makes the mind stick to one thought, the mind becomes rock-steady and the energy is conserved. – Ramana Maharshi
Deliberate Intention
Making a deliberate intention means to choose one thought from the Millions of options and thoughts buzzing around and making a mental or verbal statement that it is that thought and reality you intend to experience or bring about. While not all deliberate intentions immediately or ever come true, many of them do. I have experimented with and demonstrated this repeatedly in the last 20 years – on myself, and my coachees. Were you to conduct a scientific experiment with a group that does not make deliberate intentions and another group that does not you would find the success-rate of the group that does to be more than 500 times higher. You can prove this to yourself by choosing a week of your life in which you make deliberate intentions and another week in which you don’t and then compare your outcomes in those two weeks. The verbalized thought has an effect first on your emotional state and behavior, then on the opportunities you perceive and thirdly on the circumstances you magnetically attract into your life. 
The Magic of Intention
Choose a new reality you would like to create, such as “I get an extra $5000 with ease this week” or “I lose 2 pounds with ease this week”.
Begin by voicing your intention as a Decision, not as a wish, desire or goal. If you like you can also write it down. Then let go of the idea and go about your day. It is recommended to forget about after you firmly voice it to let “the Universe” do its work. This is why it is recommended to write it down – otherwise you will forget that you ever voiced it. In a few days time, check what you wrote down, check what has manifested and if it is not there yet, repeat the intention. Continue on in this manner. 
If it seems not to manifest, modify your intention to something more realistic or believable. Alternatively you can also try knocking out inner-counter intentions as follows: After voicing it, check what feelings, emotions, contractions, blocks, states, thoughts come up. Deliberately dissolve everything that comes up with an emotional clearing, releasing or a thought-form-evaporating technique. It is important that there is no inner resistance at all anymore. Alternate between intention and counter-intention until it actually comes true or until you feel very good about it and absolutely know that it is one its way to becoming true.You may state your intention either verbally or by visualization or by acting it out (or in all three modes). 
A more detailed description of the power of pure intention is described in The Reality Creation Technique
It can take from a few minutes to several weeks for this to have an effect, depending on many factors. Sometimes some extra action on your part is required before the Intention manifests.
deliberate intentionThree ways of Living Consciously
There are many ways to live but only three ways to live deliberately. 

1. Taking Time-Outs between Segments of the Day

Doing nothing, taking a break, stopping the world, taking a time-out between Segments of the Day allows you to interrupt the automatism of everyday life. Its where you again take charge of what is happening rather than allowing the machinery of society and its frenzied rat-race to overrun you. I recommend frequent time-outs throughout the day, phases of small Meditations, Prayers or simple Observation and Contemplation. You are not a chess-piece that is being played, you are the player. And as you take time-outs to rest and back-up, you gain a wider perspective of what is going on.

2. Deciding what Segment of the Day is Next

If you do not take Time-Outs you cannot really consciously decide and intend what Segment is next. So you go from Segment-to-Segment almost on 100% automatic…from the house to the car, from the car to work, from work to the house, from the fridge to the TV, from the TV to bed. If this is what happens day by day by day, you are far away from living consciously. In that time-out-space you can consciously decide “What would I like my next part of the day to be?” “Am I going to take the same street home I take everyday or am I going to go another way and also stop on the way to take in the breathtaking vista?” – is an example of a very slight break of routine. But even small breaks in routine can create new pathways of the mind and increase your creativity and enjoyment. And why not choose better Segments than you normally do?

3. Making deliberate Intentions about Segments of the Day

Often improvement is not about finding a new segment but making the existing segments better. Another way to go about a day is by deciding what your Intention for the next Segment is. And the more often you intend something for a certain Segment, the more true it becomes. 99% of the world do not intend for their next Segment. What is your Intention for that phone call you are having in 10 Minutes? What is your Intention for the car-ride to work? Is it to arrive fresh and happy? Then intend that deliberately. Live Consciously.

The things you do not define Intentions for, remain random. People tend to focus on intending big things while ignoring supposedly unimportant “little things”. But “as above, so below” and as you treat the little things you treat the big things. Setting Intentions/Thoughts for little things one would normally not consider setting Intentions for, enlivens your overall flow.So specify (in present tense or past tense as if already happened) what you would like to experience in the following parts of the day (Intend without Expecation):

Dreams at night

Your state when you wake up in the morning

While showering

At breakfast

Mornings in general

While driving a car

At gas stations / petrol stations

In public transportation (bus, subway, planes, cabs)

At public offices / authorities

(Add your own)

the power of intentionMore Intentions

Reality Creation primarily means shifting attention from the unwanted to the preferred. Many are stuck on the unwanted rather than the wanted, which is why this exercise cannot be done often enough for yourself and the world. Specify what you prefer in the following areas:





Family and Friends

Feeling before falling asleep

Cleaning, Washing, Housework



Many of you have read numerous books on creating your own reality but have never actually set deliberate intentions for most areas because maybe you  think it only applies to your big-dream-goals. However, living from deliberate intention starts with the small things. And as you gain a handle on them, you move up to things bigger and bigger. 

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