Levels of Consciousness, Energy and Emotion

levels of consciousness scale of emotionsIs life a random coincidence  in a vast and pointless universe, or is it governed by meaning, purpose and patterns an individual can learn to read, predict and master? I have dedicated my life to pointing to the latter ladder. To me the multiverse is a spectrum of energies, frequencies and densities that can be discerned, explored, experienced. On planet earth these levels of energy correspond to certain states of mind and emotion. 

This is the basic scale of emotions and consciousness levels from bottom to top. It is easier to transcend an emotion by aiming for the next one or two higher states. For example if you are in chronic fear it is more effective to aim for anger, two steps higher, than for joy, which may be too high. We all have what I call “pockets” of each of these states, the question is to what extent and how frequently we experience such. Furthermore, the negative states can be experienced legitimately (if you, for example, transgress against another human being) or neurotically (being stuck in a negative emotion for longer periods of time without needing to be). 

1 Shame/Guilt

2 Apathy/Depression

3 Grief

4 Fear

5 Craving/Longing/Desire

6 Anger/Rage

7 Frustration/Stress/Overwhelm/Complaint

8 Pride/Arrogance

9 Boredom

10 Neutralilty

11 Attention/Interest

12 Courage

13 Action/Positive Expectation

14 Enthusiasm/Passion

15 Energy/Intelligence

16 Appreciation/Kindness/Creativity/Love-of-Beauty

17 Humor

18 Unconditional Love

19 Inner Peace/Serenity/Bliss

20 Various states of Enlightenment

The levels of consciousness scale as described in my books Levels of Energy and Journeys in Spectral Consciousness (see also this comic strip) is the most powerful self-improvement and coaching tool I am aware of. It describes reality as various bands of frequency – from very dense and slow, what we would experience as negative to very light and fast, what we would experience as positive. 

As shown in my books, the ancient origins of the scale can be found across the globe in various religions, traditions, scriptures and belief-systems. The scale is a blueprint for humanity. Each “level of emotion” corresponds to certain objects, places, people, realities, attractor-fields, challenges. Essentially, a human being is on planet earth to exercise his/her free choice of whether to move back upwards or further downwards. Life is a perfect balance of pain and pleasure, a human is both animal and angel (lower and higher nature). If the scale of consciousness were divided into only three levels you would have:

Animal Consciousness

This corresponds with levels 1-7 of the scale above. It is a reactive, survival-oriented and ego-oriented mode of consciousness. 

Intellectual Consciousness

This corresponds with levels 8-15 of the scale above. It is associated with thinking, analyzing, mechanistical views of the world, robotic and automatic behavior as well as some intelligence and productivity and action. 

Spiritual Consciousness

This corresponds to levels 16-20 of the scale and is associated with imagining, intuiting, loving and holistic views of the world as well as higher awareness. 

Each level is associated with particular needs, viewpoints, levels of motivation, levels of attitude, intentions and levels of awareness. Each of these emotions can be generated and created by you with the power of your own concentration and imagination. Play-acting a certain emotion or role “until it becomes real” is one example of using the combined mix of concentration and imagination to change your own state on the scale (demonstrated in this video). Done strongly enough or often enough, the change of state will not only create a temporary shift but one that lasts. In this way you can gradually move upward on the scale. 

I’ve coined the term “spectral consciousness” to imply that reality ought not be viewed as black-or-white or dually but that everything can be viewed spectrally, as many different options on a scale. So for example you are not either “proficient” or “not proficient” in any skill, but rather proficient on a scale from 1 to 10 (or any other numbers). You are not either ill or healthy but rather ill/healthy on a relative scale from 1-10. Thinking in scales or spectrally allows for a more discerning, more intelligent and more aware mind to arise. Eskimos know more than 50 types of snow. Most of us, unaware and undiscerning only know two, three or maybe four types of snow, hence what we are able to experience or understand about snow is limited. Spectral Consciousness this broader kind of awareness to everything in life.

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