Kabbalah and Reality Creation

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In the Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) the world is created and manifests in the following progression:
This is surprisingly congruent with other ancient descriptions of how the world manifests as well as congruent with the way I describe “Reality Creation” in the book “Parallel Universes of Self“.
When you meditate to align with a new reality and vision, you begin with “Nothingness”, Single-Pointedness or simply deep Relaxation beyond all Definitions. You align with the Infinite before aligning with the Finite. It is from an Infinite Viewpoint that anything Finite is accessible. From there you visualize, speak or intend your vision, thus limiting yourself (focusing) into the “World of Emanation” and the “World of Creation”, putting the “breathe of life” into your new Creation. As you let go and “let Spirit”, your Creation enters the world of Formation, and the energy-field we call “The Universe” lines up opportunities and signposts and hints what to act on. In the world of Action then, your Vision comes to full fruition. 

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