How to Intensify Emotions

emotional intensity

The flower on the left provides a nice map to experiment with various intensity-levels of an emotion. As a powerful state-shifting exercise,I invite you to start with any Emotion on the outer rim and then work yourself to the center of each state. So if we start with the light green petal, I would ask you to feel what “Acceptance” feels like. Do that right now. And then intensify that by moving to “Trust”. And intensify it even more by moving to “Admiration”. Most of you will have actually just now created those states merely by intention, merely by remembering them. That is how quickly and easily a fresh state of energy can be brought up. 

Now let’s move down to the dark green petal. Begin by feeling slight apprehension. Think of something you feel apprehensive about. And then intensify that by moving to fear. Generate fear by raw intention or think of something you fear. And then exaggerate it even more by going to terror. This exercise is not detrimental to you. By deliberately creating negative emotions you can some control and handle on them. What you can create on purpose, you can also release. Any negative Emotion that is deliberately brought up, eventually runs out. So if you are able to feel strong terror, you still have some releasing-work to do, until it no longer feels quite as terrible. If you use the technique of releasing properly, there comes a point where it is very difficult to feel fear no matter what the circumstances are. 

Move though the entire flower in this manner. It is good to spend at least a minute or more on each petal, but even just a few seconds of each can be a lot of fun. The most fun however is derived from shifting from state to state. Once you have gone through the whole flower, you may feel somewhat high because you have gone in and out of several realities and now have an “outside-observer” mode that is beyond any of the states. This observer perspective can create and de-create any state. 

You may use this flower anytime you would like to feel more. When you have the sense that you are suppressing emotions or require release from an Emotion, or when you are not feeling that much, simply move through the flower as just described. That should get your juices going again. Enjoy both the negative and the positive Emotions. When you feel the negative ones fully, they release. When you feel the positive ones fully, you can recreate them in daily life. 

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