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Welcome to my audio-talk and guided-meditation collection. Log-in from your laptop or smartphone to listen to several full-length Courses. This collection is worth thousands of dollars and even though you are not paying that price, treat the audios not as mere entertainment devices but as valuable metaphysical gems. You do so by taking your time with each audio instead of jumping from one to another.

There are currently more than 100 Audios in the list, most of them no longer publicly available.  The list is updated regularly with new additions.

Member Videos

MEMBER VIDEOS can now be watched HERE

Table of Contents

  1. The Bliss Course
  2. The Reality Creation Course
  3. The Infinity Course
  4. Live from the Reality Creation Retreat in Italy 2015
  5. Live from the Reality Creation Retreat in Italy 2016
  6. The Reality Creation Exercises
  7. Meditations for an improved Feeling
  8. Awareness Meditations
  9. Coaching and Education Meditations
  10. Manifesting Meditations
  11. Wealth Magnetic Workshop
  12. The Success Attracts Success Series
  13. Far Out Journeys
  14. Talks, Interviews and Podcasts
  15. Videos Transcribed to Audio
  16. Imagination Training
  17. German Language Audios



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