Everything is Consciousness

Everything is Consciousness

In advanced Mind-Spirit training, a human being learns to observe thoughts, develop unique thought, focus thought, change thought. But there is an even higher level which is beyond thought. That would be the realm that creates, witnesses and permeates thought – the realm of Consciousness itself. As a felt sense, this realm is vivid, beautiful, precious and indescribable and the ultimate aim of my work with people.

Glimpses of this realm are so rare that usually only practicing mystics refer to it. But if you have spent years developing conscious thought it is only natural that you start to develop an interest in what is super-ordinate to thought, interest in that from which thoughts arise and that into which thoughts disappear again. 

To become aware of the all-encompassing field of Consciousness, first become fully human. To become fully human it is requisite that you stop fighting against life and your personal situation as it is. It can take some time and discipline to reach that point where you know that everything is Consciousness and you can feel just right in any position, any location, any vocation, but once realized, the weight of the world drops from your shoulders and you are amused at how easy it is and how easy it could have been all along.

From here onward, thought itself becomes increasingly unimportant, like some remote Television babbling inane nonsense while awareness is expanded to the size of the Universe. If you compare the size of the Universe to that of a babbling TV you get a sense of just how super-ordinate Consciousness is to the world of thought. Thoughts come and go of their own. You no longer involve yourself with them, you merely note them but they are no longer prioritized as special or “mine”. This is the supreme state all Meditation-Practitioners reach along their path. 

This lovely and blissful state is like watching the waves of the ocean without trying to grasp at the waves. Consciousness is that vast ocean, thoughts and emotions are only the waves that come and go. In daily life, when a thought or emotion arises it is merely noticed but not tampered with, altered, changed, transformed, resisted, desired. Those are things that were done on the previous consciousness level. At this new level “what you think” and “how you feel” are seen as the mere surface of the ocean and Consciousness as the entirety of the Ocean in depth, height, width and expanse. 

The unraveling of the world of thought begin when you notice the minds narcissistic fascination with itself and gradually release that. That is accompanied by increasingly less limitation. Any limitation left is purely voluntary (for the purpose of building lifestyle and context within  which to live). You transcend the petty preoccupations of the world, release all limitations and then re-assemble limitations according to your actual preferences. 

This higher state of being requires no solace or hope, no entertainment, no exercise, no information, no formal practice, no specific belief. It is a state of surrender to that which is most high and infinite: God, Consciousness, the essential Allness-of-Existence itself. The space beyond “mind” is beautiful and powerful and can be accessed through Awareness practice. There is nothing more precious or worthwhile than this. Almost everything is a mere thought. So what is not-thought? Andwhat creates and permeates thought? Discover the answers to these questions and you become less dependent on the world of form and more at home in the ever-stable form-less-ness.

On this journey there is no “final goal” and there is no state of perfection. The search for perfection is just another mind-limitation. The Universe is already perfect as it is. You allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. You allow yourself to change and accept there is no “final state”. You allow yourself to develop new interests.The experiences you make in this higher realm need have nothing to do with what the books say, what the teachers say, what the mentors say. What they say is just further ocean-surface stuff, further waves and not all-encompassing Consciousness. Life is an ever-expanding, pulsating, energetic, dynamic and intelligent process that cannot be captured and put into a book or stored on a computer or caught in a cup. And although it is one-with-all it is also uniquely individual (dualities such as individuality and oneness not being contradictions in this realm). Any thought you have about this realm is also just another thought. All of these words are just thought. 

There are numerous pathways to this state of consciousness. One of them is to keep gently and humorously questioning your positions and releasing them. Another is to take complete, full and radical responsibility for your reality. Another is cease “window shopping” various teachings and belief-systems and to dedicate yourself more fully to one practice. You choose a pathway, decide for it and then you become intimate with it (and thereby yourself) rather than jumping from trend to trend and only touching the surface waves of that Ocean. 

If you put your awareness only on thoughts for about 15 minutes, just watching the circus-show of your thoughts in a calm and mildly curious manner, like you might look at art, you can actually catch a glimpse of  this huge field of Awareness. The witness of those thoughts is part of this field. But that witness is not limited to one observer-position (that of observing thoughts) but rather limitless. In my experience anyone is able to experience at least some of this within only 15 minutes of silent sitting, breathing and observing. You sit down, put everything aside, disregard all past and future and ask yourself “What is it that is actually going on here and now?” And then you observe for 15 minutes. When you have reached a place of calm you will see that what is actually going on is that a bunch of thoughts are running. As you let them run out without intervention, behind those thoughts something deeper, fuller and more real arises. As you familiarize yourself with this state, all fears, worries and complications fade away because they were rooted in the world of thought. Fears are like wood-planks floating on the waves. If you are a wave, they are cause for concern. But if you are the ocean, they are so small you don’t even take note of them. 



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