The difference between fantasizing and visualizing


Fantasizing is based on desire (lack) and Visualizing is based on Belief (expecting). You will have noticed that the things you have had excessive fantasies about never came true, whereas the things you fully expected to happen did happen. Often times such inner and almost subconscious expectations are there because of past reference: You’ve always easily gotten a job, so you easily get a job next time. You’re used to finding a good partner, so you again find a partner. You remember method X working, so method X works again.  If you have been asking yourself why the Millions of people who practice Visualization as learned in movies such as “The Secret” and countless new-age books are not experiencing what they visualized, this is the answer. They are not Visualizing in this sense of the word, they are fantasizing. They are imagining things they do not believe in, do not expect to happen and have no reference for. Fantasizing in such a way is actually detrimental to achieving your goals because it creates continued desire. Continued desire creates continued lack. But if you do not have a coach to remind you of these distinctions, you could be going on for years creating lack without knowing it.

You can boost your belief in what you are visualizing by having some reference for it: Do you know anyone else who has achieved what you intend to? Have you achieved similar in the past? Could you convert your visualization into action to boost its reality? Could you inject some real emotion into your visualization? Could you focus on it for such a long time that it solidifies? Could you boost your Visualization by acting-it-out or acting-as-if? Could you pretend its a memory instead of a fantasy? Could you buffer your Visualisation by naming examples of why you think you deserve it and why you think it can come true?

What you fully expect to happen, usually does happen. And you expect it to happen, usually because it has already happened. Creating a new reality is the art of fully expecting something you dont have past reference for. Either that or you simply remember past successes and from them conclude similar and more of it for your future. 

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