The Consciousness Levels of Marian Apparitions

On Earth it is difficult to discern deception and fakery  from truth and genuine spiritual phenomena. One example where there is certainly some confusion are the Marian Apparitions. These are supranormal events in which a hologram-like apparition of scintillating beauty appear to a person, a group of people or, in some cases a large crowds. Oftentimes the Apparitions are only seen by children and Seers/Visionaries who go into a state of Trance or Ecstasy. But with the “Great Apparitions” (as opposed to smaller, private sightings) various  light-phenomena, glowing mists, and even the “Virgin Mary” herself are seen by large crowds. These apparitions are often accompanied by many thousands of miracle healings and “signs” in the sky, and predictions of world events to come. The unexplained and possibly paranormal nature of dozens or even hundreds of such events (dozens are “officially approved” by the Catholic Church, hundreds are “not approved”) is mostly undisputed due to plenty of photographic and medical evidence, eyewitness testimony, police testimony, etc. The dispute and confusion is as to what these phenomena actually are. Here are only a few of the many contradictory views:

Scientific Skeptics believe that all Apparitions are due to fakery, magic tricks and mass hysteria. 

Some Christians (especially Protestant and Orthodox) believe that the Marian Apparitions are a satanic deception or constitute the worship of a “pagan goddess” (“Queen of Heavens”, Ishtar, Inanna).

Some Muslims believe that the Marian Apparitions are deceptions by Jinn.

Some Paranormal Researchers believe that the Marian Apparitions are deceptions by Extraterrestrials.

Some Researchers believe that the Marian Apparitions are a deception by Governments or Secret Intelligence Agencies (CIA, KGB, “Project Blue Beam“, “Telstar Satellites”, etc.)

Marian Cultists are certain that these are visitations and warnings of the actual Virgin Mary from the Bible. 

The only way such riddles can be solved is by in inquiry into the Levels-of-Consciousness, as taught in my book “Levels of Energy”. If you have read that book you remember that the consciousness-level of any item can be ascertained by:

a) Intuition and Experience (if you yourself are on a higher level of consciousness or have some expertise on a subject)

b) Results (“by their fruits you shall know them”, “the proof is in the pudding”)

c)  Applied Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) or Divination/Dowsing (attn: These methods are not always entirely reliable and can be influenced by personal beliefs, bias, and invisible influences). 

d) Neutral Attention. By observing something without any vested agenda, bias, desired result, you can perceive truth about it. The Skeptic, the Catholic, the Protestant, the Conspiracy-Theorist, etc. are not really looking with neutral attention, they are looking through particular filters and identities and have a vested interest in the Apparitions being a certain thing. A Skeptic requires them to be fakery because that would justify his occupation as “a Skeptic”, just like the Marian Cultist requires them to be genuine to justify years of costly trips and devotional practice.

So let’s look at each of the above “explanations” from a Levels-of-Consciousness perspective. 

(Image Below: Photographic Evidence of the Marian Apparition in Zeitoun, Egypt, 1968)

mary zeitoun consciousness levels

“The Marian Apparitions are due to fakery, mass hysteria and magic tricks”

It’s common sense to assume that Apparitions could certainly be faked by skilled Illusionists. This, however, cannot have been the case with the Great Apparitions. Let’s take the Marian Apparition of Fatima, Portugal of the year 1917 as an example. During one of her appearances to the children who could see her, she promised and announced Miracles as a proof of her authenticity. Word had already spread (and people can generally sense high energy), so on Miracle day 70 000 people arrived outside of the small village and witnessed what is no called “The Miracle of the Sun”. While many of the 70 000 present could not directly see the Apparition of the Lady (some however reported they did), most people there saw the sun changing its colors, the sun spinning, the sky instantly darkening, etc.). All of the witnesses present experienced how the land became dry instantly although it was raining hard just a few seconds before. These and other phenomena were witnessed not only by devotees, cultists and the curious but by the rational minds of skeptics (many of who went on record revising their skeptical views), secular people, journalists, police officers and doctors. The corpses of the Seers of most of the Great Apparitions show no signs of decay even after decades, again suggesting paranormal ongoings rather than trickery. Millions of people have testified on being healed in connection with the Ladys recommendations or drinking of waters or streams that were blessed by her. Back in the 19th Century she recommended to wear a certain medal (see Image Above) that millions have attested to  having healing properties. The Spanish football/soccer team used that medal in 2010 to win the World Cup in South Africa. 

As Hoaxers generally do not heal the sick, we can safely discount the objections of Skeptics in regards to the “Great Apparitions”. Nor is it likely in any Earthlings technological capabilities to make the sun spin and jump around or the rain stop and the land dry within seconds (especially not in the year 1917). 

During most of the Great Apparitions in History witnesses and seers usually request proof of authenticity. This proof has always been generously provided in a variety of ways…by trees blooming in the middle of autumn or winter, rains of rose-petals, glowing lights in the sky, by turning water springs and rivers into sources of miraculous healing, and most especially by giving accurate predictions and prophecies. 

 In addition to knowing the facts of most of the Apparitions, I have also truth-tested the above statement and it measures the second lowest of all statements made. 

“The Marian Apparitions are Satanic/Demonic/Jinn Deceptions”

Religious folk can be quite paranoid about being deceived. Many Orthodox and Protestant Christians seem to reject Marian Apparitions simply on the Basis that they are associated with Catholicism. Many Catholics themselves and even within the Vatican reject the Marian Apparitions because many of the messages of “Virgin Mary” were actually critical of the Catholic Church, the Vatican and the Pope (which runs counter to the claim that the Apparitions are a secret project of the Catholic Church).

Others reject them on the assumption that “in the end times, Satan will deceive mankind by working great-looking miracles and signs”. According to this view, the result of Satans deceptions is that people will worship someone other than the one, Most High God. And because many Marian Cultists actually appear to be worshipping Maria instead of God, these Christians feel justified in their paranoia. It is a little ironic that what Christians are accusing Marian-Cultists of, is exactly what some Jews and Muslims are accusing Christians of: Of worshipping something other than the One Most High God, namely Jesus. 

While it’s valid and important to be skeptical and not immediately embrace something just because it is paranormal, spiritual or unexplained, what speaks against the Marian Apparitions being of Evil origin are, again, the fruits. The fruits are people being healed, inspired, touched in a universally positive manner. The Apparitions traditionally appear in regions of poverty, turning those regions into ones of prosperity (through the mass-attention given to the region). 

Yes, of course, Evil could also offer goodies so as to lure people in, but the bait that evil uses would normally not result in countless full healings. Negative Energy does not heal. The bait would probably not consist of imploring people to go within, to pray, to do good deeds.  

Another sign that the Great Marian Apparitions are most likely benevolent are the predictions and prophecies that accurately pinpoint up and coming problems and possible solutions. In the early 19th Century the Lady repeatedly showed up in France to predict and warn of World War I. In the 30s she showed up twice in Belgium to warn of World War II (World War II however, was already predicted by the Lady in the 1917 Fatima event. The prediction was so precise and accurate that she even correctly predicted the name of the Pope during WWII). One of the Greatest Apparitions to show up in recent times was in Kibeho, Rwanda, just a few years prior to the horrific Genocide of the Hutu upon the Tutsi. This is where she told people to “leave the country”. In Fatima of 1917 the Lady warned that Russia would become and stay a problem for most of the Century. In 1917 the Soviet Union did not yet exist and the “October Revolution” was still a few months off. Nobody had any idea of what she was talking about, nobody foresaw the Soviet Union and the world power it became. A telltale sign of a benevolent energy, being or source is to be able to pinpoint negativity and help people avoid it. This, the Lady has done time and time again. 

In truth-testing the statement “The Marian Apparitions are Demonic or Satanic Deceptions” measures as “untrue”. But it measures a little bit higher than “Marian Apparitions are fakery”. I assume this is because some Marian Apparitions (especially the hundreds of minor and private ones) could be and probably are staged by astral-entities.

(Image Below: Photographic Evidence from Medjugore, Bosnia)

consciousness levels Medjugorje mary

“The Marian Apparitions are Hologram Projects or Trickery by Earthly Agencies or Governments”

I truth-tested this statement and it also measures untrue. In fact, it measures the very lowest of all options. The messages, methods and overall quality of the Great Apparitions have been fairly consistent for hundreds of years, but it is doubtful that Government agencies had the technological know-how to stage such events back then or have the logistical means or motive to orchestrate such over many centuries. Even today they would be hard pressed to make the sun spin or to put people in a state of trance or ecstasy so deep they do not even react to needles pierced through their skin (as has been done by doctors at the sites of Apparitions many times). I guess today, in the year 2013, it would be much easier for someone to fake holograms floating up in the air. However, the Apparitions are reported by witnesses are described as more beautiful and mysterious than any current technology or movie special effects could create. While trickery and deception are very real things to be wary of, they do not seem to apply to most Marian phenomena. 

A Variation of this claim is that the Apparitions are secretly staged and faked by the Catholic Church. This seems to be more likely than “the Government did it”, because the Church would actually have a real motive. The Apparitions have created more converts to Catholicism than anything else in the past hundreds of years. The question “Who Benefits?” is always a good tool of investigation because whoever benefits may also be the secret cause of a thing. But what puts doubt to this explanation is again that we do not really yet have the technological know-how to stage such spectacular events. Furthermore, the Catholic Church initially rejects all claims of Apparitions, sees them as an embarrassment and requires strict investigations before they can be approved as authentic. Another sign speaking against this theory is that many of the Ladys messages actually speak out against corruption and deception within the Catholic Church and the Church has, unsuccessfully, attempted much to ignore, ridicule or marginalize such messages. In fact, most of the Ladys messages speak of the validity of all Religions – which certainly puts in question religious Exclusivism. 

“The Apparitions are orchestrations by Extraterrestrials”

An earthly Government may not yet be equipped to stage miraculous looking events, but a sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial group might be. I like to recall Arthur C. Clarkes famous statement that any “sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.  Having read books of the researchers Jacques Vallee as a teenager, I actually believed this explanation to be “the most true”, before truth-testing it. 

Some of the Marian Apparitions – such as the one in Medjugore – go on for many decades in weekly or monthly “Sessions”, similar to Channelings (which is probably the reason the Catholic Church has not approved of this particular one yet). This makes such Apparitions similar to “Extraterrestrial Channelings” of similar nature. 

I truth-tested the statement “The Great Apparitions are Deceptions by Extraterrestrials” and it measured as “not true” to my slight surprise. Whenever truth-testing does not agree with my personal bias, I measure on different days, just to make sure. :-) And even despite the negative testing, I will not rule out this possibility (methods of muscle-testing and dowsing are mostly reliable but not always and absolutey…despite the claims of many quacks to the contrary…in fact, I wouldn’t know any method of truth-testing that is absolute, except for experience itself , or “the proof is in the pudding” and “by their fruits you shall know them”).

It turned out that one of the problems was with the way I phrased the statement. So I removed the word “Deceptions” and phrased it as this:

“The Great Apparitions are Orchestrations by Extraterrestrials”. This measured as “a little bit more true” or as “somewhat true” after repeated muscle-testing trials. But there was still something missing. 

The word “Extraterrestrial” implied physical beings, but it seemed that the Great Apparitions of Mary were orchestrated by non-physical Being. This then, repeatedly measured as “true”. 

And how could it be any different? The phenomena people have witnessed are the most easily explained through the influence of a higher realm influencing this our lower realm. Making the sun spin as if it were a toy could only be done from the realm in which galaxies and universes are created and destroyed. 

“The Apparitions are actual visitations of Virgin Mary”. 

“The Apparitions are orchestrated by non-physical Beings”, “The Great Apparitions are orchestrated by Being from Higher Realms” and “The Apparitions are actual visitations of Virgin Mary” – all three statements measure as “somewhat true”. Not “absolutely true”, but “somewhat true”. So what measures as “untrue” is that these orchestrations are malevolent or deceptive. “Somwhat true” means that I have muscle-strength when testing the statements, but there is still a small piece of information missing from the phrases. I don’t know what that small piece of information is, but the information already gained is good enough for me. I`m actually again a little surprised that the phrase “actual visitations of Virgin Mary” measures as “somewhat true”. 

Those who have read my book “Journeys in Spectral Consciousness” know that my take on these religious events are that throughout History the “higher ups” periodically “send down help” because our levels of consciousness are descending too rapidly. In other words, they watch us playing the game from afar, but every time things start getting out of hand or going downhill, they send in “agents” to up the overall vibration of the planet. They send in Krishna, Buddha, Abraham, Jesus, Mohammed and recently a whole array of teachers, gurus and helpers, including this Mary-Apparition. This explanation of religious events is the most consistent with all other things.

The Mary-Apparition seems to be targeting a level of Consciousness that is steeped in poverty and on the brink of disaster (she appeared in Bosnia shortly before the war started there, in Rwanda shortly before the genocide there, in Europe before WWI and WWII, in Mexico shortly while the Spanish and Aztecs were on the brink of mass-slaughtering each other) and her message seems to be tailored to that level (“do penance, pray, work”). The phenomena associated with her…such as the smell of roses, the Apparitions area of the heart-chakra glowing, “a blue mist when she appears”, people becoming ecstatic at the beauty of the apparition, etc. are all associated with what I call “level 560-590” in my book “Levels of Energy“.