Some Amazing Manifestations

In my coaching work of the year 2015, there are a few cases that stand out the most. For the sake of privacy I will not share the names of the students involved, but I will share their amazing stories. I will tell you what realities they manifested and how they did it. A couple... Continue reading

Reality Creation Retreat Training Plan

I have now written the Training Plan for the Reality Creation Retreat. If you are a participant of the retreat, this gives you an idea of how the days are structured. The course was set at 10 hours a day to allow room for spontaneity outside of the structured plan. October 2, Day 1: Awareness… Continue reading

First Believe It, then you See It

The following excerpts are taken from the book “Seedtime and Harvest” by Neville Goddard (1905-1972). They share daily-life experience on how imagination influences reality. “Just recently, I had the opportunity to observe the wonderful results of one who had the faith to believe what she did not see. A young woman asked me to meet… Continue reading

When you get what you want, what are you going to do with it?

Reality Creation teaches that you can get whatever you want by identifying with what you want (through imagination and acting-as-if). This works most of the time, but if reality creating doesn’t work, it is usually only for two reasons. The first one is, that it is not yet the right time. The second reason, which… Continue reading

The producer, author, director and actor of Reality

The following excerpts are quoted from the book “Seedtime and Harvest” by Neville Goddard (1905-1972). Neville was one of the few authors with a firm grasp on reality creation. Bolding mine. “The four mighty ones” (producer, author, director and actor) “The producer, the author, the director and the actor are the four most important characters… Continue reading

Change your inner conversation

As this newspaper article points out, the inner voice in your head creates subtle movements in your vocal chords. Thinking of speaking has similar effects to actually speaking. But to reality creators, the physical effects of “mere” thought are nothing new. In fact, we go one step further and say that your thoughts influence the… Continue reading

Results of the Retro-Reality-Creation Experiment Part 2

Read about the Retro-Reality-Creation Experiment here. Read Results of the Retro-Reality-Creation Experiment Part 1 here. Part 2 “So I had quit my old job and haveĀ been waiting for this guy to come back to Dubai and interview me for a job I felt much more excited for. He was 2 weeks late. I knew I… Continue reading

The Labels Game

“For the last six years, the Wine Society of Texas has coaxed some of the best tasters in the state to come sit through a brilliant exercise: the annual Texas’ Best Wine Competition. The contest is built on the simple theory that if people don’t know what they are drinking, they award points differently than… Continue reading

Results of the Retro Reality Creation Experiment

What follows are reader reports on the Retro-Reality-Creation Experiment *** Hello Fred I did the experiment and I invited my friends on instagram to join me Some of us had amazing results. The first day I did it I had a situation at work that they were asking me to make a course. I wanted… Continue reading