Rewrite the stories of your life

There are two ways to live: In reaction to what happens outside of you or in creation from within. When you live in reaction to the external, your thoughts, actions and feelings are mostly made by other people and events. When you live in creation from inside, your thoughts, actions and feelings are mostly made… Continue reading

Reality Creation Retreat in Switzerland 1.-7. August 2016

The Universe is not made up of atoms, it’s made up of stories. Which stories do you choose to give your attention to? The Reality Creation Retreat 2016 is not taking place in London, as previously announced, but in Switzerland. This change of location is owed to my preference of breathtaking scenery and high energy…. Continue reading

Rampage of Intention

This is a guided Meditation that I call “Rampage of Intention”. The recording is taken from Day 1 of the 100-hour Training “Reality Creation Retreat” in Italy October 2015.  Please log-in to enjoy it. 

Replacing Old Thoughts with New Thoughts

This is a free 26 Minute guided Audio Meditation that will help you replace old thoughts with new thoughts. It’s usefulness cannot be overstated, it’s simplicity makes it easy to remember. This live recording is from the very first hour of the 100-hour “Reality Creation Retreat” in Italy. Headphones Recommended. Repetition Recommended. Enjoy as a… Continue reading

Keep your attention on the end-result

Reality Creation is the process of identifying a burning desire you have and then pretending that it is already true by putting and keeping your attention on the desired end-result. You keep your attention on the end-result, thinking and acting as if your wish were already fulfilled, until it feels normal to you. At that… Continue reading

One-on-One Live Coaching Locations 2015

I will be at the following locations for the remainder of 2015 for Live One-on-One Reality Creation Coaching. 12. November – 26. November: Manhattan, New York (East Midtown) 28. November – 5. December: Munich, Germany If you require me to come to your location, please make separate arrangements. The hourly coaching-rate is $299.-

How a beach house was manifested

One of the reasons people have trouble believing in “manifesting” new realities by imagination alone is because once something actually manifests, it appears “as if it would have happened anyway”. No matter how big the dream is that you manifest, the mind retrospectively assumes that it was going to happen whether you imagined it or… Continue reading

The power of Scripting

One of my favorite and most effective reality-creation techniques of the last two years has been “scripting” (the term “scripting” originates with the law-of-attraction teacher Abraham-Hicks). My personal version of the technique, which somewhat differs from others, works like this: You write about or “script” a scene from your desired end-result or wish-fulfilled, in the… Continue reading

I won’t back down

Well I won’t back down, No I won’t back down. You can stand me up at the gates of hell, But I won’t back down.  No I`ll stand my ground, won’t  be turned around. And I`ll keep this world from draggin’ me down, Gonna stand my ground and I won’t back down.  – Tom Petty,… Continue reading

Results of the Reality Creation Retreat

10 days of Reality Creation Retreat are over and I`ll share some of the experiences and feedback from the course. There were 27 students present from 7 different countries. The mix of people was absolutely stunning – they couldnt have been more different and unique. We had a professional soccer player, a German vice-champion in… Continue reading