Dissolving Emotional and Physical Pain

A new audio titled “Dissolving Emotional and Physical Pain” has been uploaded to the “Member Downloads” section. It updates and replaces old processes of similar kind. The process works for low to medium type emotional pains (shame, guilt, heaviness, grief, fear, anger, etc.) and physical pains. In case of severe physical pains or those directly… Continue reading

Relief from Rigid Attention

I`d like to show you how subconsciously rigid and strained “normal” human attention is and how to let go and transfer from a flat, chronically stressed, two-dimensional, tense experience of life to a more mellow, empowered and aware experience of life. As you read these words, please notice how – no matter who you are… Continue reading

35 Free Audio Books

I have another 30 free audio-books to give away for members of this website. Get them for yourself or use them as gifts for friends. Please log-in to get them. 

The Top 7 Reality Creation Articles of 2014

These were the seven most read articles here in 2014, in this order.  Will “the Universe” fix your life?  Beliefs that make you richer  The law of attraction works better than marketing  Simple, Simple, Simple How to Stop Fear  Reality is not fact driven, it’s perception driven The most simple Business Plan in the World

Invest Effort in making things Effortless

“Invest effort to make things effortless” is a concept I have been teaching a lot recently. Another way to say it: “Invest conscious work to make things work subconsciously”. And another way to say it: “Beginnings may be difficult, but once you get into the flow or momentum, they become easy and unstoppable”. This applies… Continue reading

Playful Manifestations

“Wish Manifesting” is about a playful “soft-touch”, not about impatience or neediness. A recent example: Last week, while relaxing in the night desert of Saudi Arabia (see Image 1 below, Fred and Tai Chi Trainer Mary Lea), I thought about “remote viewing” ancient history or practicing “psychic archaeology”. I had this hunch that below the… Continue reading

A fork in the road

There are points in life where you reach a “fork in the road” where you must decide whether to go left or right, decide for one job or another, one relationship or another, one journey or another. These are commonly seen as pivotal points of great importance. But from a higher perspective, these aren’t the… Continue reading

The Vocabulary of Bliss

I had the best taxi ride of my life today. I was taking a taxi through the city of Doha with my translator (who live-translates my Seminars from English to Arabic). Because there was a lot of traffic, it took us one hour to get to the other side of the city. I had emailed… Continue reading

Creating Reality – a matter of authority

Having your thoughts and intentions come true is more a matter of authority than of what techniques you use. Techniques are just tools, but tools require a skilled user to have the desired effect. Whether what you say will manifest as reality depends primarily on WHO is saying it. What is the I AM you… Continue reading