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Reality Creation and Manifestation

Articles 2008-2016. Republished 2016. The words you speak, influence reality

You are strong.

You are abundantly rich.

You are highly intelligent.

You are calm and at total peace.

You are royalty. 

You are amazing.

Do you agree?

I coach an average of four people a week in "reality creation". Most of them initially focus their words on entirely unwanted thoughts and stories. They are all familiar with my teachings, but as if they had never heard of them, they go "I`m not good at that", "I have difficulty with that", "My problem is...", "My limitations are...", "I've had a really hard time with...". I have rarely heard a session  begin with "I am healthy" "I am talented" "I am happy" "I am beautiful" "I am free" "I am successful" "I am passionate" "I am secure" "I am generous" or similar positive self-descriptions. thoughts   The words you speak and write have creative, self-defining power. Your words become your destiny. The words you speak about yourself, others and life either uplift or drag down. I don't mind when a student briefly describes the problems he is facing. I am referring here to the automatic and unconscious self-definitions people utter. A recent student repeated the following four times throughout our 1 hour session: "I lack energy. I am tired all the time". Not once did she say "I would like to be fresh and energized and awake throughout the day". So as a coach, I kept providing that statement. I explained to her that she should start repeating that thought instead. And what if she didn't believe in that statement? Why should she say that if she doesn't believe it? In that case she should repeat it until she believes it. And what if she still doesn't believe it? Then she should choose positive statements she does believe. If for example "I am fresh and energized" is difficult for her to believe, she could start with "I would like to be fresh and energized". A reality-creation session often begins with describing what you want in more and more detail, not what you don't want. For this I usually ask a lot of questions aimed to focus a person in that direction. The next step is to help them identify with what they want, to move from mere "wanting" to a feeling of "already having". The third step is to think from, act from and speak from the new reality henceforth. But in my experience, even just the first step of shifting from the unwanted to the wanted can present a challenge. So after a few minutes of focusing on what is wanted, some will try to steer back to their old, familiar reality with shifting statements such as these: "But let me explain the issue" "Can I first tell you why I have these issues?" "Yes, but there is a little problem". "I think its better to describe the problem first, so that you understand my situation" Even if I keep reminding them that attention should be on the new-story and that I have little interest in supporting their old stories, they might find a way around it, in an attempt to turn the coaching-session into a therapy-talk of past upsets rather than a reality creation talk of future dreams. Why is this the case? It is because old and familiar realities feel more real, comfortable and strong. New thoughts and life-stories feel vague, weak and unreal. Why? Because they haven't been given any attention. They are on familiar terrain when talking about "issues". They go into the unknown when crafting new realities. Some peoples old realities are so charged with emotion, that I allow them to talk-negative for a while, to release some of that charge. But I won't allow those stories for too long, because anyone in a bad situation really needs to invest some energy into new stories. If they have been telling their old stories for the last 30 years, its high time to tell new stories for the next 30 years. Negative thinking is much less of an issue than negative talking. Having bad thoughts is one thing. Expressing those bad thoughts another. Thoughts in and of themselves don't have that much power. But once they are expressed, their energy increases, with much more rapid effects than mere thought. You may not have much control of your thoughts, but you always have control of your speech. Consider the following "common causes of death" statistics: common causes of death   I find it fascinating that war, murder and accidents are not common causes of death. Problems of the heart are the most common cause. In my view, this is because humans biggest problem is lack of love and kindness. The lack of love begins in their own unloving words toward themselves and others. If you are smart you will guard your words and never make negative verbal self-descriptions again. And if for some reason you think you have to provide descriptions and stories of unwanted realities, then at least don't emotionalize, sensationalize or exaggerate them. Your words tend to manifest when you are firmly identified and associated with them. They tend not to manifest when you are their de-identified observer. This is why "I am"-statements that you believe in, have the strongest effect. "I am"-statements that are followed by and demonstrated through corresponding actions have the very highest energy to form reality. The Top 10 Teachings of Reality Creation 1. In life, you don't get what you want, you get who you are. 2. There are many versions of you and you can choose to step into your next-higher-version. 3. There are many levels-of-consciousness and you can ascend them all. 4. You can attract a new reality by focusing thought, word and deed on a specific outcome. 5. Releasing only one heavy emotion, releases thousands of accompanying thoughts. 6. Negative emotions are released by letting them "run out" and "un-stack" without resistance. 7. Most realities can be created through personal will. When the limits of personal will are reached, then allow divine will to work its magic. 8. All lack comes from desire and resistance. 9. A tree is known by its fruit and truth is measured by results. 10. In Unconditional Love all things are possible. Belief requires no Proof Reality Creation is the art of believing in something you can’t see, you have no proof for. Instead of the common dictum of "I`ll believe it when I see it" you say "I`ll see it when I believe it". Do not rely on your eyes too much. They show you reality as it has already been created. Your eyes do not show you the reality that is in the process of manifesting, but what has already manifested. All your eyes can show you is the past. By relying too much on what you see, you believe most strongly in what already-is and therefore keep attracting into your life what already-is. If you wish to attract new things you need to put your attention to something other than only what you see in front of you. The purpose of faith is to build your trust in the invisible. The eyes are very much connected to the mind/ego. They deliver mostly self-centered and emotional data. Your eyes might deceive you to eat something that looks good but isnt. If you judge your new partner only by how they look, you may be missing vital pieces of info about them (which is why it is not that bad to get to know a new partner on the phone or the internet). Of course their looks will teach you something but so will the way they sound and feel. Faith is the trusting in things that cannot be seen.  This point is lost on scientific-materialists who keep emphasizing that only that which can be seen and measured is of importance. While this certainly applies to matter, it should not apply to humans. You cannot “prove” love in a laboratory, and yet you love. You cant be certain you will be paid for a job, but you do the job trusting that you will. You cant be certain every car on the roads will follow the rules but most of the time they do and you trust that they do. I sometimes feel sorry for those who call us “idiots who believe in fairy tales”. They think they are incredibly smart in their ridicule. But the whole point of believing in fairy tales is to train your belief-muscle, to reach out into the intangible and invisible. That’s the only way something formerly impossible becomes possible. To calm the mind, close your eyes. To calm the mind, focus on sound. To know whether he/she is the right one for you, listen to him/her speak on the phone, rely not only on what you see. To know whether a deal is good, listen to your heart, dont rely only on what things appear to be. When judging a book, pay attention not only to the cover. Over-reliance on what is visible is a huge limitation. Advertisers who seek to manipulate your emotions talk about making things look good all the time. Why? Because they know people rely on what they see more than anything else. "Seeing is Believing" is nonsense. A few obvious things we all know exist which are invisible: The Air and Wind You can't see the Air and Wind, but you notice its effects in your hair and in the way the leaves rustle. Music You can't see music but it influences your state. Love You can't see Love. Nor can you measure it in a laboratory. Nor can you "scientifically prove" that its real. Yet you know it. Thoughts You can't measure them or prove them. Strictly speaking you can't see or hear them with your eyes or ears. And yet, they are real. In a way you can "see/hear" them with an inner sense. Temperature I certainly cant see temperature, but I can feel it. Gravity I cant see gravity, and it may never have occurred to us that it exists had we not had the comparison outside of earth. The force that keeps us from floating around does exist. The next time you hear someone say "Seeing is Believing" tell him about gravity, temperature, thoughts, music, love, the air and the numerous other things that exist without us "seeing" them. Before we even venture into ideas of ghosts, spirits and angels there is plenty going on in the invisible world. You cant see wind but you know it exists because you can see its effects. Likewise you cant see beliefs but you know they exist because you can see their effects. Belief requires no proof. You have no "proof" that the sun will rise tomorrow morning, and yet you base your entire day on the idea that there will be a tomorrow. You trust. If you can apply the same trust to your true hearts wish, it will come true. Wanting vs. Having Can you tell the difference between wanting and having? You cant stand up and sit down at the same time. Likewise you cant want and have at the same time. Wanting is the initial spark, but sooner or later you must feel that you can actually have the particular things you have been wanting. When you find yourself thinking too much  you can be sure you are are immersed in Wanting, whether you know it or not. An Experiment: 1. Think of something you want. Notice what it feels like to want that thing. 2. Imagine already having that or being able to have it. Notice what that feels like. Move back and forth between the two states a few times, to teach your body-mind the difference. You decide whether to concentrate on wanting or one step higher being-able-to-have. "I am able to have" is more empowering than "I want" and for some even more empowering than "I already have" because it keeps the excitement of the "want" without taking its lack-feeling (whereas "I already have", if misunderstood, can take the excitement out for some) Thinking makes it so I recently read about a scientific experiment on wine testing. They had cheap wine,the same cheap wine labeled as expensive and actual expensive wine for people to test. All participants were having their brains scanned but none of them knew what the test was about. They only knew what the wines cost (or believed they cost). Not surprisingly, the cheap wine was thought to taste bad and the expensive wine was thought to taste good. The cheap wine labeled as expensive was also said to taste good. But here is what is surprising: The brain-scans indicated that not only was the cheap-wine-labeled-expensive thought to taste better, it actually did taste better to the participants. The cheap wine and the cheap-wine-labeled-expensive were the exactly same wine but they tasted different to the participants. The brain-readings indicated that the participants taste-buds were effected differently, not only their thoughts. So here is what appears to happen: Participant sees price tag and expects a better taste. The thought that it will taste better, creates a better taste. Or as Shakespeare said: "There is no good or bad but thinking makes it so". However, the experiment still revealed that the actually expensive wine actually tasted the best of all three, independent of the persons thoughts. That brings us back to the mysterious realm between subjective and objective reality. It is my view that the relationship is around 50-50. Hence, if you rummage around in a garbage bin, you wont get that smell off of you no matter what you believe. To perceive reality and energy-levels as they really are, you would have to be thoughtless, neutral, without expectation. To release an old reality you'd have to apply neutral attention to it. To create a new reality you'd have to develop positive expectations. Embrace the Unexpected You've probably heard the saying "Gods ways are mysterious". This also very much applies to the way goals and dreams come true. Reality Creation means to set a goal and repeat or focus on it until it comes true. But the manner in which it comes true is rarely what the Ego expects. Unless you work with conventional goal-setting and action steps, RC-Manifestations often take place when least expected. Don't give up on your exciting goals just because it look as if your life is taking another direction. The way things look on the outside is deceiving and there are often entirely different things going on in a realm invisible to the physical eyes. Embrace surprise, never fear the unknown. Examples of this emerge regularly for me. Just a few weeks ago I reluctantly accompanied an acquaintance of mine to the doctor, which was a waste of time in my opinion because I thought to know that she is perfectly healthy and also because I had more important things to do. But I relaxed my aversion toward going and resolved to enjoy it. Lounging around in the waiting room I struck up a conversation with a sanskrit-expert...this was precisely what I had been looking for to help me with a writing project. In fact I had written down that very intention just a few days ago, and here its manifestation awaited me at a place most unexpected! The key to such synchronicities is that you relax your resistance toward life and allow it to take you places. Because if your Intentions are clearly stated, life will take you there, even if you can't see how. Sudden Reality Shifts Sometimes thing get worse before they get much better. Why might that be? It's because creating a brand new reality can mean tampering with the status quo. Sometimes an old building needs to be disassembled before a new one can be built in its place. Over the years I have modified my teachings because it was noticed that my techniques can be "too much". Their sheer power  really did create rapid and radical change, overhauling students realities within only a few days. Back in the years 2004-2006 I taught this way. For example one student would use my parallel-universe-technique for a "new job creation" and got fired immediately upon returning to work. He called me on that Monday in total disarray: "Its not working! I got fired from my job! I cant believe they just kicked me out!" and I responded: "Its working perfectly. It is a NEW job that you created and for that the old one has to be dropped". Of course he did get his new and much improved job a few weeks later, but being unfamiliar with rapid movement of energy it was nerve-wracking for him. I recall a woman I was coaching at that time who defined "rapid weight loss" has her primary intention. She wanted to lose 10 pounds over the three day workshop. And she did lose several pounds, but she suffered excruciating stomach cramps and diarrhea throughout the whole course. She left the course many pounds thinner but also exhausted. What was the mistake? Well first of all she could have added that her weight loss ought to be easy or a pleasant experience. But more importantly, she could have defined one month as a proper goal for 10 pounds, as not to overwhelm her body. Here's the deal: Spirit can process more than the mind, the mind can process more than the body. So spirit and mind may be ready for that radical and rapid change, but the physical universe, including your body and nervous system, may need a little more time. When you toy with the advanced techniques, you should be prepared for the fact that they work. And because they work, many shy away from using them, quickly retreating back into their familiar comfort-zones where no change occurs. So the manner in which I have modified my teachings is simply to allow change to be slower and more gentle. Incremental change is easier to deal with than radical revolutions and far-out miracles. Are there any exceptions to this rule? Of course there are. If you are a stable person with a firm footing in daily life reality, you can more easily deal with rapid change. Sudden reality shifts are possible, but not always desirable. Be careful what you wish for, it will come to be. Believing is Seeing Walking the streets of where I live I always encounter a couple who also live in the area. We stop and chat about this and that and then go our merry way. Sometimes we have lunch together. At one point I told them I was leaving for the United States in January 2012 and would live there for a year or so. It turned out that it was summer before I left to the U.S. But interestingly, from January on, the couple did not see me walking around those streets anymore. I saw them, but they did not see me. A few times I walked right past them and they did not see me. It was because they believed I was no longer in town. They were so very convinced that I no longer lived there that they no longer saw me. Belief powerfully filters perception. I have encountered this phenomenon many times. If you do not believe something or even consider it, you will not perceive it or opportunities that lead to it. That's why its good to give your mind real-life examples of what  you would like to experience. If you can't present real examples of a reality to your mind, body and subconscious, you may not be able to experience it. Tuning your Frequency to the reality you prefer The reality you experience corresponds to the frequency you are attuned to. In any given situation you see other things than the person standing beside you because you are tuned in to a different energy-frequency. There is an objective reality, but which aspect or angle of it you notice is subjective. If you program your attention to look for danger, you will notice potential danger everywhere. If you program your attention to look for coins, you will notice anything resembling gold while you walk along the beach. What you notice or do not notice has a lot to do with your intention and beliefs. If you wish to notice everything or walk around in a state of heightened awareness, then its best to have zero beliefs and zero intentions. But if you want to find certain things, you simply program an intention and that will filter your perception to notice opportunities, paths and the intended item itself. If something keeps happening to you over and over again, its because you are radiating it, you are on a frequency conducive to it. For example you might keep finding fault with other people. In that case its time to take a good look at your own faults. If you go from room to room and you smell shit everywhere, maybe its because the shit is on your own nose and not at all "out there" or on other people. In many ways life is like a radio dial or a TV-Set. You can't possibly perceive or experience something if you are not tuned into that channel. Being "tuned in" to a channel means giving it proper time and attention to familiarize yourself with it, connect to it, become intimate and close to it, to understand it and know about it and doing just the opposite with realities you wish to dissolve - no longer juicing them, describing them, no longer learning about them or trying to push them away. Whatever you are attuned to you keep experiencing over and over and over again. If a year later you are experiencing the very same argument you had with a person, thats the moment you can admit and recognize that your frequency hasn't really changed in a certain aspect. If however a brand new type of conversation develops, you know its because you have become a different person. Humanity Subdued Humanity is mostly in a subdued state, enslaved by their own attachments and aversions. This process is expedited by the circus of mass-entertainment-media created for short attention-spans and to reinforce those attachments and aversions. My job as a life coach is to help the individual lift themselves up out of the tired world-mind. The main method of doing so is to overcome beliefs of lack and limitation. How? By letting go of the preoccupation with such. "Tell me what you lack and I can tell you what you are preoccupied with". How else? By helping people understand that effort is not an expending of energy but its collector. When you invest effort in anything at all, you are accumulating energy and strength, not depleting it. Depletion of energy comes from resistance, not effort. It is my job to help people create new realities. How? By teaching them the art of unwavering belief. Unwavering  belief is high concentration and always influences physical reality.Subdued humanity must learn that sometimes more is achieved by spending days without a phone, computer or car and instead developing the powers of their mind. Another important thing to learn is that ones own capacity is subdued by complaining. All those daily complaints do nothing to elevate your energy. They make you smaller and smaller...until finally you become just as small as the people you are complaining about. I do the job that psychologists and priests are supposed to be doing but are limited in doing because they have often get caught up in abstraction. The psychologist is too focused on problems and the priest too focused on the afterlife to teach worldly success. Nevertheless there is no proper success coaching without a spiritual dimension. The more difficult you are to subdue and get down, the higher your level of consciousness. But even someone of high enthusiasm-for-life can be subdued with repeated disappointment, hardship and discouragement. Unless they make the firm intention never to allow opposition to exhaust them, never allow life to beat them down. If you make the intention to learn something new every day and never be content with the status quo , you have set your inner compass to go in the general upward direction for the rest of your life. Sometimes you think your windshield looks just fine...until the sun comes out and exposes all the dirt on it. Its similar with Awareness. When your awareness grows, the first thing you usually see is more darkness...but with that also the capacity to remove that darkness, to wipe the windshield. Thats why growth upwards may first be accompanied by difficulty before resting into a new plateau of ease. The Think-Big Technique The think-big-technique is an exercise in controlled megalomania. It is based on the precept that you magnetically attract into your life what you radiate outwards in thought, word and deed. I say "controlled megalomania" to separate it from delusional behavior or magical thinking. Use the technique in moderation to heighten your personal "vibratory frequency" but without the inner attachment/expectation of rapidly achieving whatever grandiose idea you envision. The idea behind this is "aim for the stars to reach the moon". If reaching the moon seems difficult, then aim for the stars and the moon will seem much easier to reach. The think-big-technique allows you to stretch your imagination for a brief period of time, before you rest it in everyday consciousness again. The reason it should be done in moderation (I use it once or twice a year) is because holding a level too high for too long (higher than your nervous system and belief-system can process in short-time) can cause backlash, strain and the typical "positive thinker" delusion that denies the yin-yang nature of everyday life. Its is better to scale yourself upwards from say, level 4 to level 8 slowly and gradually rather than try to shoot up all at once. The think-big-technique allows you to shoot up fro 4 to 8 instantly but also recommends that you dont try that too often but choose 4 to 5 or 4 to 6 instead. Once you are comfortable at level 7 you can and should of course aim for 8 frequently. I`ll give you a real-life example of how this works. A few years ago I put an ad in a glossy self-development magazine. I normally dont advertise at all, much less at the high price this newsstand magazine asked, but I was using the think-big-technique and that called for brand new action. In that ad, I said that I take $50 000 Dollars for one day of coaching. People who knew that back then I usually took between $400 and $800 for a day, thought I had gone "insane" . I did not get any responses to that ad (which had cost me $700), however, that one instance of thinking in much bigger dimensions that I had been used to magnetically attracted a whole host of other things. One of them was that one of the editors of the magazine noticed my add and asked if they could do an article and interview on me for their half a million readers. I guess that a coach/consultant asking $50 000 a session made an impression on him. In any case, my return was much higher than my investment of $700. Looking back today, I can honestly say that $50 000 does not feel "think big" anymore. That means my energy-frequency has reached a level regarding money in which that amount seems normal. If I'd do the same exercise again, I`ll have to ask $500 000 for a session for it to feel outrageous. You can always feel what your level of belief in something is by trying on a bigger one. And a bigger one and bigger one, until you reach your personal threshold of belief. The think-big-technique asks of you to exercise your mind to think, feel, see and act in more expanded, more confident, "highest version of you" terms. So in using the technique, choose to think and act-on something that assumes a far more bright and successful reality than your current status. Get outrageous. Enjoy it. And see what happens. Weightless Enthusiasm Weightless Enthusiasm does not come from what you are DOING. Its an inner attitude that grows with the releasing of resistance. You could be filling out tax-forms, painting the house or attending hard negotiations and still feel it. If you feel drained or burdened by the tasks and daily inconveniences of life, what is required of you is a shift in attitude. If you have not cultivated this attitude then it does not matter where you are, with who you are, where you are going and what you are doing. Much of anything will feel boring or burdensome after awhile. Sometimes, when I am called upon to do a difficult task I might start out with some resistance. After half an hour of grumbling the resistance might turn into acceptance. Another half an hour of the task and I might start singing and dancing while I do it. And another half an hour I might be enthusiastic at doing it and miss it if it stops. What happened? I went through a shift of attitude where I embraced what is at hand rather than denying it. "Yes, but I'd rather avoid these tasks altogether rather than trying to make them feel nice" many tell me. But that misses the whole point. You will be having less of those unwanted tasks once you have transcended your resistance. Its the resistance that keeps them stuck like glue, because resistance = extreme focus and magnetically attracts whatever it is you dislike. So what are some of the tasks you do on a regular basis that you dont like at all? If you know what they are, the next question is: How could you be in a state of weightless enthusiasm while doing them? Converting popular songs into intention-affirmations Repeating thoughts programs your mind to certain ideas, beliefs and emotions. Therefore every popular song that repeats refrains combined with melody acts as an affirmation that programs your reality. We often copy various songs and make them our own without even thinking about their contents. Of course we often do the same with beliefs we get from parents, friends and the media - simply accepting them without question. When I ride along in someones car its sometimes unpleasant to listen to the radio because I am actually aware of what is being said in the song lyrics. Within a recent 40 minute drive when a friend picked me up from the airport, the following themes were communicated (yes, I actually took notes): "I am so lonely, I need someone tonight or else I will die" "I am going to pop my fist into a police officers face" "I am going to get drunk and pass out" "I can never make up for what I did" "Why won't you call me" "Who knows what is what" "I cant take it anymore" Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't these thoughts sound like someone who is really depressed? With such negativity flying around and being soaked up unquestioningly, you wonder how anyone arrives home safe. Of course, ultimately, this is not the fault of the artists or broadcasters. They play what people want to identify with. Its just another reflection of this planets level of consciousness, not something to fight against. But for you personally, you can become immune to negative programming merely by being aware of the messages being conveyed. Is it my intention for today to pop my fist into a police officers face or to feel suicidal because another person does not call me? No thanks. Understanding the effect of sound, melody, emotion, refrain and verbalized thought you can make use of various popular songs and re-phrase them to match your intentions. When I do this I usually do it with refrains. So if someone is singing "I'm falling into a hole" I make that to be "I'm falling into the whole" and if someone sings "Who's gonna ride your wild horses?" becomes "I`m gonna ride some wild horses" and "I can't take it anymore" becomes "I can take more and more" and "I want it all" becomes "I have it all". Treat Reality like something you Desired To get what you want, first want what you get. Treat reality, treat what-is, treat what happens to you as if it were something you desired. This has extraordinary effects. Every time you negate your experience you pretend you did not want it, you pretend you did not - on some level - create it. This is how you slowly build up the belief that you do not create reality, that you have no influence on what happens to you. You gradually become powerless. "I don't like that this happened" you say, as if you had no part in it."This happened because...", "I don't want this at all...", "My life is not at all what I want, because....". With every "because" that tries to explain another cause than yourself, you move further away from the radical responsibility required for reality creating. But if you treat reality...and especially problems...that happen to you as if they are exactly what you desired, you reverse the flow of energy. Rather than being a victim of problems and letting them pressure you, you act as if you were their creator. Then one of three things happens: The problem simply dissolves, or it becomes an asset, or it becomes a solution for something else. One persons "problem" is another persons solution. If for instance you thought too much rain was a problem, ask the umbrella-salesman if he feels the same way. If you thought too much sun was a problem, ask the sunshade salesman if he feels the same way. When rain and sun are treated like something desired, you see the opportunity they pose. See your current situation as precisely the situation you wanted and enjoy it thoroughly. Make the very best of it. Because of your gratitude toward what-IS, even more fortunate events are on their way to you. Your future is determined by what you radiate today. If you radiate unhappiness with what-is. you attract more unhappiness for the future. From a higher perspective you really did want whatever it is you are experiencing these days. Accept it, experience it, embrace it and then you can either leave it behind you or take it to its next higher level. Treat your current partner like your dream-partner. Treat your current Business like your dream-Business. Treat your current health-situation like exactly what you wanted, treat your current location like your dream-location...and then these things will reveal their beauty. If they are good for you, requests come true Recently I was walking with someone who was taking pictures of nice architecture. Her battery was empty just in the instant that she wanted to capture the nicest building around. I asked her to hand me the camera. I made sure the battery really was empty and then put it into my pocket, and, as if I was a magician, half-jokingly saying: "Having it in my pocket will reload it". I also sent out a cosmic request. The thought went something like "Please help me and reload the battery". With no external sources of electricity whatsoever, the battery was working again when I checked 5 minutes later and she could proceed to take her pictures. So is that miraculous or is it simply some technical error of the camera? I dont know. All I know is that I regularly manifest-by-request, almost habitually, and have a hit-rate of about 80% when I am in a playful (non-needy) mood like I was that day. Putting all the thousands of books that exist on the subject aside for a moment, its actually really as simply as this: Step One: Make a Request. Thats it:-) Its as simple as that. You can request anything...better sleep, a lucky turn of events, a new car, meeting someone interesting, getting the means to do what you like, etc. There is no limit to what you request, there is only a limit to what will manifest. Who are you requesting towards? You are requesting towards the most high, the ultimate field, God, the cosmic force. You are relying on that which is primary, not that which is secondary. The reason you dont get everything you request or dont get it in the way or at the time you think its supposed to come is because it would not be good for you. Source is like a parent. If you are a parent you know that you will gladly grant your children their wishes, except for those that harm them. As much as your child would love to jump into the lake to play with the crocodile, as much as they believe that is exactly what the want , you are probably not going to allow it. You will allow the things that are good for the childs development. Likewise, Source  has your best interests in mind when it responds to some requests and not to others. The more in-tune you are with yourself and reality, the more of your requests manifest.The further away you are from yourself, the less will manifest. In my opinion, if none of your requests manifest for you, you can assume that there is something protecting you from damage. Request and some of it will manifest. Send out many requests. Send out repeated requests. If a certain thing does not show up, send out a request for guidance on how it might show up or what is asked of you so that it shows up. Ive sent requests out since my childhood and if there is one thing I can say with certainty then its "They care and they are listening". You are Responsible for the Effort, not the Result Every new reality is crafted by investing energy/effort. Not over-effort, but just the right amount of investment. Put energy into something and you get a result back. Effort invested can take many shapes - gathering resources, studying, manual work, time, concentration, talk, thought, acting. The nugget of wisdom I wish to teach here is that you are responsible for the effort, not for the result. What does that mean and why do I say it? You focus attention on what you can control, rather than what you have no control of. You have full creative control of your efforts. That is under your jurisdiction. The statement helps you stop wasting your time with factors outside of your conscious and deliberate control. The connection between effort and result is not always apparent. You may have invested into A but received back from B. You may have worked many, many years on one thing, but reap rewards in an entirely different area. This is where it gets metaphysical: Energy is not linear and sometimes your investment into A gets you back rewards in B, C or E! The fallacy is to think that investing all of those hard efforts into A was for nothing. Metaphysics relates to the invisible forces shaping your reality and it pays off to know some spiritual-science if you wish to make sense of life. That means our efforts will always be rewarded - without exception, ever! - but that sometimes the reward comes from somewhere else than you think it "should". Case in point: I have been writing books for many years, but these books don't really make any money for me - at least not enough to survive. However, I am making plenty of money elsewhere. So normal thinking would say: "Then quit writing books and instead do more of what works!". But no, that is not how reality works. Would I quit following my Bliss by stopping to write books, the other sources of income - even if they have nothing to do with my books - would also decline. Why? Because joy generates energy and energy generates abundance.  Optimism is not the result of abundance, abundance is the result of optimism. Its all an "energy thing". "You are responsible for effort, not for result" also releases you from the burden of being responsible for others. You can give your best efforts to others - if they don't return the favor, that is not your fault. You will be rewarded from elsewhere. "You are responsible for effort, not for result" teaches you the art of "letting go" - you do not "let go" of the effort, you "let go" of exaggerated attachment to the result, let go of the "how, when and where" of its manifestation and instead focus on what can be orchestrated today. Bad Childhood? No Problem. Quit Blaming the Past.g If you wish to succeed dont blame the past for what you are doing today. The past has nothing to do with it. Even if you had a bad childhood that does not have to translate into a bad life. In fact I learned more from my negative experiences than the positive ones. Without some of the negative experiences I had as a child I would have never grown as strong and competent as I feel today. When I was thirteen my mom threw away all of my books on religious grounds. She was having a strange religious phase and my many non-Christian books were apparently an impediment to her religious practice. One day I came home from playing soccer with friends and my five book racks (yes, I was an avid reader) were empty. I was furious with disappointment, anger and shock. It was a life-defining moment. On that day I felt the resolve to not only read an insane amount of books but also write them. "Nobody is going to stop me from reading anything and everything". And from that day on the amount I read tripled. By the time I was 16 years old I had read almost the entire local library...Science, Religion, Metaphysics, Politics, History. As it is almost impossible to read that much without feeling the urge to write I already began writing back then and havent stopped since. So you see that this supposed "negative" event helped me to become an author. Without that "negative" event, where would I be today? Maybe Id be a book-dispatcher instead of a book writer, who knows. Most "negative" events are blessings from above. As a child Ive broken my arm, my nose, my leg, bruised and wounded every part of my body in play. I loved to give everything in play and sports even if it meant taking painful lessons. Im very glad I did not have overprotective parents who worried about me having "negative" experiences. I always assured my parents "Dont worry about me. I`ll be fine". And I always was. The popular idea that a bad childhood automatically leads to a bad life is a falsehood. Its all about my reaction to events. I can take negative events to feel like a victim or I can use them to grow. How your life goes has more to do with the Education you receive as a child or the education you give yourself (through reading, for example) than with the specific events of your life. Event X only has power over you if you let it. If you dont let that Event (whatever negative event you think determines your destiny) control you it will have no meaning at all. Viewpoint Shifting If you indoctrinate someone into a certain view of the world, he will interpret ALL events from through those glasses and be unable to ever see anything else. If you want to predict what someones stance on any given topic will be all you have to know is his belief-system. If event X happens you could easily predict the stance any politican will have on it, for example. The reality-creator however, is unpredictable, flexible, able to occupy any viewpoint. He has fixed values and virtues but is also able to view things from other positions or from a neutral standpoint. In this way he learns more and sees more than everyone else. How so? Well, if you see the street only from the viewpoint of standing on your balcony, you will only see certain parts and aspects of the street. Looking at the same street from other viewpoints you find out more about it. The same principle applies to mental viewpoints: Opinions, Beliefs, Positions. Practically speaking the reality-creation-wizard would spend a few months or years with one position and "learn it" and then spend a few months with the opposite position and "learn that". And then he might choose a third position beyond the two. This would either be a balanced position or one that goes beyond the two. He would enjoy being rich and being poor, being fat and being thin, being free and being united, being up then being down, being left and being right, being small and being big, being in control and letting go and so on. Any aversion toward any position whatsoever is a limitation to a soul that is everything and all - infintely and eternal. Once one has owned all positions, at least mentally, one is not only beyond any conflict ("your position is wrong), beyond any limitation ("I am poor, I am not rich") but can easily choose which reality and which values are most preferred. Note: The souls ability to have, be and do anything it likes is interpreted by some people as "everything goes". But thats not what it means. Add to that "what you put out is what you get back" (law of attraction) and it should read "You can have, do, be anything you like as long as it is in respect of others and the world around you" (integrity). Subjective and Objective Reality Creation Your thoughts and beliefs are so powerful that they distort what you perceive. An example: Suppose someone you know enters the room and doesn’t say a word. Not a “hello”, not a nod, nothing. In that instant, your mind is creating several possible “meanings” his behavior could have. There is the objective reality of a person entering the room without speaking, but then there is the self-created, subjective reality of the meaning you ascribe to that event. And that subjective creation will determine what you perceive, what you feel and what you do. It is safe to say that your subjective creation of reality impacts at least 50% of what is happening. So you could give the following thoughts/meanings to this event: “He is angry at me, because I did wrong” “He is angry and needs help” “He is in a bad mood” “He is lost in thought” “He is very relaxed” “He is being playful” “He is meditating”. Regardless of the objective truth that he is experiencing, whatever belief or thought you project, will color whatever is happening. If you believe “He is angry because I did wrong” you will feel guilt, project that guilt-vibe onto him and he might start forming an opinion against you. If you believe “He is angry and needs help” you will develop compassion instead of fear and he might become responsive to your helping hand. The more optimistic among you will not automatically assume that he is “in a bad mood”. If you think “He is being contemplative” you will remain relaxed and might elicit a relaxed response from him. The belief you hold will also impact what decisions and actions you take, culminating in a whole chain of events from that point on. Reality is a mix of objective and subjective events and this information will help you regain 100% control of subjective events which in turn will give you a 50% handle over reality. That is more power than 90% of earth’s population who have not learned the art of reality creation. To help you discern between objective and subjective, let’s look at this example some more. Suppose he is really angry at you but you do not believe he is. You are sitting in your chair humorously and optimistically. Which reality will manifest? The answer is: A mix of both. By your radiation of humor  his anger will be neutralized to some extent. If that radiation is very high it may neutralize his anger at you entirely. But if he is angry at you and you also feel guilty because you really did do something wrong, the consequence will likely be that he will express his full anger and you will feel your full guilt. If you objectively and really did something wrong, then it is quite appropriate that you feel guilty for the time being. But if you did not really do anything wrong that you would be aware of, then feeling guilt is based on what a “limiting belief”. What will happen if he is in a good mood but you label his silence as meaning “he is in a bad mood”? Well, that can lead to his view of you shifting for the worse. If you really did something wrong, then it would be a misuse of this teaching to “change your belief”. Let’s say you steal something from him and then change your belief into “Well, I didn’t actually steal anything from him” or “Stealing is OK, he deserves it”. That is nonsense because it devalues the existence of any objective, universal standard (namely that harming other humans is not good) and tries to impose a change of thought over an already-objective reality. “Limiting beliefs” in this case might be “I can never make it up to him” and “I am a loser for life”. Those can be changed so that your experience of him and the situation improves. So when working with beliefs it is helpful to discern between what is subjective and what is objective. Sadly, most books and programs on the subject fail to make this distinction thus creating confusion and a lack of grounding in reality. Frequency Matching If there is something bothering you that you have been unable to let go of by any other means, then" match its frequency", tune-in to what exactly it is. This has also been called "Being with what-is". It has also been referred to as "Confession", "Authenticity", "Being Real", "Identifying With...", "Merging With", "Becoming One With" and "Fully Feeling". When you match the energy of something, you regain control over it. Properly done it is a great, great relief. So if for example your spouse has been bothering you for a long time, it would be good to write out what exactly is bothering you about him/her to the fullest, without holding back, masking, ignoring or resisting any aspect of it. When you fully admit to what it is that is bothering you, the result may be shocking or really hateful, but it is better that comes to light than remains in the subconscious. Not wanting to admit to the sheer negativity of subconscious material is one of the reasons it stays subconscious. What is conscious can no longer dominate you. "Writing it all out", "Admitting to it all", etc. is one way of frequency matching. Another way of frequency matching is to mirror, imitate, emulate or copy whatever it is you are afraid of. I once helped someone who was afraid of spiders in this way. He was to be a spider, act out being a spider by crawling on the floor, feel as a spider, immerse himself into the spider world. Many layers of resistance were broken through before he could comfortably be a spider. Then, while being a spider, I pointed out another spider (making sure to transport one to the room before our session started). The phobic terror he had previously had, turned into a mere mild skepticism or distaste. He no longer had to leave the room when a spider was present. And while his dislike of spiders did not go away, the fear was swept away within a very short time, although he had been running around with it a whole lifetime. Just ONE confrontation with what-is can overcome a lifetime of avoidance. Another person was afraid of social gatherings, so we matched frequency by him mentally feeling and being various people at a social gathering and then creating and hosting a social gathering himself. Becoming the source of what he is afraid of ends him being its victim. At first he felt victim to social gatherings, now he was the source of a social gathering. Another way to handle this would have been to deliberately plunge himself into numerous social gatherings and notice their advantages, until he felt eager to be a part of them. Behind such fears there is often (but not always) the secret desire to be part of them. When problems remain and remain and remain, it is for two reasons: a) The have not been fully revealed c) What is wanted instead has not been fully focused on So if for example you and another keep having fights and arguments, you might say to me: "I have fully matched this anger and openly expressed everything I dislike about her! But we still have arguments every few days!" I will say that the anger was not fully matched or acknowledged. You may have expressed 80% of it, but if there is still 20% in the subconscious, there is no full frequency match. In the case of this person, what he was keeping in his subconscious was that he wanted to be angry at his spouse as an excuse to leave her because he was tired of her and wanted someone new. That was the 20% he was keeping hidden, But every time there was a fight with his spouse, he was expressing his anger at her faults, while keeping the root of the whole issue neatly tucked away. And so the issue perpetuated until one day he could have a divorce from her without even once acknowledging the true reason for the divorce. Once the frequency of something is "matched" and you fully acknowledge what-is, its time to shift focus to what is preferred, to the reality you want instead. Often this happens naturally as in "OK, whats next?". But if it doesn't happen naturally, then at some point there can be a deliberate shifting of attention to what you would like to experience instead. The instead-reality should be felt and experienced more strongly than the old reality. So if you made a full description of your anger, you make an even fuller written, verbal or visualized description of your peace. You then "match frequency" with your preferred reality. Reality Creating is nothing other than that. Once you can match your frequency to what you prefer and feel, think, speak, look, behave like it, you will easily attract it into your life. Manifesting a House If you wish to attract a new house by mind alone you're going to have to get away from the idea that manifesting a parking space or a dime is easier than manifesting a House. In the eyes of Infinity there is no difference. Enter the image of your perfect house in your Imagination. Walk around the House. Feel it. Touch it. Smell it. Let go of trying to get it. Let go of your wants. Enjoy the House. Let go of resenting your current living space. Be at peace. Later, throughout your days and weeks, dress and behave like someone already living in that house. Follow the leads you get. Request leads from the Universe. Be open for Miracles. Just because your life was a certain way for 10 years does not mean it has to be this and this way today. Say "Universe, thank you for giving me a lead today". And then watch what happens (Did you think this stuff is more complicated?). Most of you don't actually believe you can manifest a house with your mind alone, do you? Well, I believe so. But in case you dont you could at least trust that intensely Visualising a house will help you stay tuned to that goal and even attract beneficial circumstances as if by "luck". People always say to me: "Fred, you're so lucky". If only they knew that I have to Visualize up a storm for my "luck". Reality doesnt happen to you, it happens through you. Many years ago there was a woman called Sandra, who was in love with me. She wanted to manifest a House through Visualisation. But everytime I met her, the House hadnt manifefested yet. She had read books of mine, done all the techniques, had Visualized up a storm, sent prayer, acted-as-if-she is moving, gone to see many different Houses but still she did not find the House she likes, neither could she afford one. I started getting tired of her continued pleas for a new House. So one day I asked her: Do you believe that it will come true?" She assured me she does. I asked her a few more times that day and always she assured me that she believes in her Vision 100%. "Do you believe it will come true soon?". Again she assured me that it will manifest soon, that she holds "no doubt whatsoever". Knowing that she is madly in love with me, I then used a trick. I said to her: "The next time you see me will be in your new House". She didnt "get it" at first, so I became more specific: "You will not see me again unless you get that new House". "What???" she exclaimed. "You can't be serious!" "Why not? I am hoping that it will inspire you to manifest more quickly" I responded. I reaffirmed my new stance throughout the day and shortly thereafter she said to me: "Please, you can't do this to me. I will really miss you. This puts me under too much pressure." And I said: "Whats the problem? I thought you believe that your House will manifest soon?" In that instant she realized that she didnt really believe. Deep down she did not believe in its manifestation. She kept telling herself and others that she did believe, but it wasnt so. It is now a decade later and she does live in that House. Manifesting a Car A good friend of mine manifested his car through Visualisation.  I didnt. I just went out and bought my car. However, he wanted a specific light-blue oldtimer that was not readily available and that would have been very costly had he gotten it through normal channels. The first thing he did was go out and by a toy-model of the car to demonstrate his intention to the Universe. And then he visualized the Car once a week, with 100% faith. He insisted it was his and it was on its way. After awhile he forgot about the whole thing. I noticed because he quit mentioning it and his toy-model was collecting dust. Then, one day, it must of been a year later, he met a man who was a car-dealer for old-timers. Out of the blue and unexpected. My friend immediately felt "zinged", intuitively knowing that this was the path to his new car. So he agreed to visit the guys caryard. And there it was, exactly as he had envisioned it. I have no idea what had gotten into the seller, but my friend got it for $ 1500 Dollars instead of the $20 000 Dollars that could have been asked for it. I knew thats what could have been asked for it, but my friend didnt know that was the expected price. Because he was naive, he did not believe in that limitation. And he got his car. For some, manifesting a car doesn't take a year, it takes a week. I recall how a student of mine visualized a car every day and a week later her daughter just bought her the car as a gift...without knowing that mommy was imagining it! You don't necessarily need money in order to get what you like. Focussing exclusively on money is a limitation. The belief that your car can only come through money is wrong. Goods can come from anywhere and at any time. Manifesting a Partner Romantic Love is a sign of Higher Consciousness. It means someone views a Relationship to another as something spiritual, something deeper, something more mysterious than mere chemical reactions. Romantic Love does not see the other person as a mere tool for sex or someone to marry for the sake of convention, but as the Spiritual Being they really are. One of the reasons a soul wants to come to earth is in order to have such an experience. A soul is born with almost complete amnesia of its existence as a soul. And finding a "soul mate" provides a moment of remembrance of that higher realm. Because like attracts like you won't find the ideal partner by neediness or longing. Thats the part popular music and movies got wrong. The often sung "I need you so" is a recipe for loneliness. The secret, is to Love Yourself. Not in the narcissistic sense but in the self-valuing sense. In loving yourself you become less dependent on others love. That makes you more attractive. Attractive in the true sense of the word, because once you love yourself you begin attracting love from all over the place. If you are truly content with yourself it is easy for you to love others.  And in loving others and being kind and considerate, your energy-field expands more still. So to all who are running around wanting love: Give love first. Be love. The mirror does not smile before you smile. This energy called Love is the #1 solution to everything, the all-in-one package deal. Any problem happening is happening because somewhere there is a lack of love (Care, Attention, Kindness). When you love you turn enemies into assets. You turn problems into resources. You turn crisises into jumping ramps. In the process, clean up your place, clothes and act as if you are expecting a new partner to enter your life. Also get out of your house so that you meet people. But these are side-effects of feeling love. If you feel love, you tidy up naturally. You cant radiate one type of energy at one part of the day and expect another type of energy to flow back to you at another part of the day. The Universe is Holographic, where the way you go about little things is the way you go about big things and vice-versa. Therefore, loving the shop-clerk or driver in front of you or the way you wash the dishes has everything to do with whether you will attract your soulmate or not. A Partner Manifesting Technique a) Write a letter describing yourself to him/her. 10 Minutes. b) Now write a letter “from him/her” describing himself/herself to you. 10 Minutes. c) Visualize your preferred reality as if it were already real. 10 Minutes. Change the Movie of Everyday Life You can change the movie-reel anytime. For that you first have to break out of the daily Hypnosis and realize that your "day to day reality" is only a movie. It is a very realistic and three-dimensional one, but from the viewpoint of Infinite-Consciousness its only a movie nonetheless. Two ways to stop the movie are: 1. Breaking Routines 2. Meditation Those two stop the movie abruptly. You can then see that what you thought of as a continuum that has nothing to do with you is actually under your conscious control. When is the last time you abruptly stopped and dropped everything and just stood there in Silence, observing? Yesterday I stood in the kitchen, motionless, for 10 Minutes, just observing. If someone had seen me they probably would have said: "Just what do you think you're doing????" because the idea of stopping the movie is not well understood. After stopping the movie and thereby demonstrating that your life is not running on automatic but that reality can be determined by you, you can re-decide, re-intend, re-structure, re-create. Some, after stopping the movie enter the very same movie they stopped. Why? Because it feels the most familiar and safe. But much progress is possible if you decide to enter a different movie, a different attitude, a different Intention. And even if your surroundings still look the same, once your inner Intention has changed, you have entered a new timeline which will end up somewhere totally different than had you not made that Decision. Even if a ship makes only a very small change in Direction, in the long term that Ship will end up thousands of miles far away from where it would have without that slight change. Physicalize your New Reality Reality Creation is the Art of matching your energy-field (your thoughts, emotions and actions) with the energy-field of the Reality you wish to Create. You thereby attract what focus on, into your life. So if you wanted to attract money, you'd assume the energy-field of already being rich. If you wanted to attract health you'd practice already seeing yourself as healthy. If you wanted to find your ideal partner, you'd practice feeling like you are already in a relationship. You can only attract experiences into your life that you radiate. You cannot experience anything you don’t believe or feel. When you have a certain “feeling”, that means energy is radiating out of your body, mind and being, attracting whatever matches that feeling. Every reality you wish to have, has a certain “feeling”. Find out what it feels like to already have what you want, and it's yours! Creating Reality takes some practice because its the opposite of what the world teaches...namely that experiences create what you believe and feel. In Reality Creation you learn that what you feel and believe creates what you experience. So learning this skill requires plenty of reading books on it, plenty of visualizing, plenty of mental releasing of negative programming and plenty of prioritization. You prioritize what is important to you and you disregard what is not. Energy flows where your attention goes. Reality Creation is not something for an instant and quick-fix but a lifestyle, a philosophy of a lifetime, something you can cultivate and get better at over years. The „quick fix“ crowd is usually the crowd driven by a needy Ego that will most likely not achieve, not create, not reach. Why? Because neediness attracts more neediness. Feeling non-needy and at peace attracts prosperity. I'd now like to go one step further than Visualization I'd like to introduce a new word: Physicalization! This is the same thing as Visualization except that you actually act out and demonstrate what you would normally only be imagining. This quickens the manifestation of your goals and dreams. Other words for Physicalization are. Acting-it-Out Acting-As-If Make-Believe-Acting Pretend-Acting Charades Pantomime Acting-with-Expectation (of something coming true) Preparing for something (in the trust it will come true) So in applying Reality Creation to get Healthy would you... a) Read a Book on how to get Rich b) Read a Book by someone who is Rich c) Read a Book on how to Invest your Money d) Read a Book unrelated to Money …? This is a Quiz. Answer it before reading on. Answer a) is the most incorrect of all answers. If you were play-acting being rich you wouldn't read a book about it. You already are. Answer b) is a little better than a) because you can learn more from someone who is rich than from someone just writing about being rich. Answer c) is even better because if you already are rich you might be reading books on what to do with all your money! And answer d) is the best because if you were really rich above and beyond your wildest Imagination you may not care about money itself anymore but delve into other subjects. If you want to Physicalize a Partner for yourself, you would perhaps lay the table, put on candlelight and prepare for your love to join you every evening. And one day he or she will be sitting there. Sometimes it takes only a few days, sometimes it takes many years. But it does eventually come true...always! If you want to Physicalize become a movie-actor, you'd have to hang around where movie actors hang-around. Where do they hang-around. You don't know? Then find out! It's not helpful to state a goal if you don't actually want to enter the energy-field that contains the fulfillment of that goal. Being in New York, London or Los Angeles may be a good idea if you want to be an actor in Movie Productions. If you want to Physicalize good health because you are having issues with, let's say, your back and you are saying „I did not sign up for Yoga because I have issues with my back“, then maybe you should sign up for Yoga – thereby demonstrating your belief in betterment. I am not recommending you take risks with your health though – never overwhelm your threshold of believability. But do move closer to the wish-fullfilled. If you want to Physicalize that you can afford to go on vacation although today it does not look as if you could go on vacation, then start preparing for it. Get out your vacation clothes and pack them. Look for flights in the Internet. Look at pictures from your Destination. Tell people you are going to travel (unless these are people that will say „But you don't have the money to travel“ - in that case, keep your goal a secret). Behaving in this way, the means to travel will come to you. It's metaphysical law. So if you were looking for something to rely on in life, you can always rely on attractor-fields bringing back the overall result of what you put out! Default Creation Default Creation is the automatic creation based on the past. That means if you dont take a new stand or define a new set-point you will be repeating the past over and over and over. And even your greatest success strategies of the past can then become a block to an even greater future. From where you are now, there is already a future defined and determined for you, based upon your current vibration. Can you sense what future you will have if you dont change your energy, attitude or frequency? Yes you can. Its predictable. While you sit there, try to sense your future. I guarantee it will be more of the same. And for some people that's good, for others not. But all in all there wont be anything major happening because most of your life is running on default. So find something you would like to improve. And first move to a blank slate on that subject...a space of nothingness. To do that, we will first examine and copy the something-ness already there. Describe the truth of your situation bluntly. The unvarnished truth. Do not resist or ignore it, describe it. The first step of reality creation is getting in touch with reality. If you ignore reality there will be no reality creation. So you describe your issue fully and honestly in all its aspects. Once you circumscribe your topic thusly, once you re-create it exactly as it is, you are actually able to release it. What you replicate disappears. You accept that the topic is over, you let go of it and you abide in an empty space, a blank slate, a state of open awareness with no desires or resistances. Into this nothingness you mention and describe nothing of the past, but something brand new. This something-brand-new is not based on "getting rid of" or "pushing against" or "overcoming" the old reality. Because following such a motivation would only once again re-inforce the old reality. This is where so many get stuck. Its a new reality of which you make a mission statement, verbal declaration or write a letter of intent. A statement of intent or declaration is more than only a goal or new years resolution. It is a statement of how things are, not of how you wish things were or how they will be in the future. It is important that what you state and express allows you to already live this "future" today. If it is not something you can live today, you will not create a new reality. The shorthand version of what was just said is: 1. Fully Experience the Old Reality 2. Let Go and Fully go into Nothingness. 3. Make Up, Declare and Demonstrate a New Reality. Your default future is the future already set up for you due to the energy/frequency you are currently radiating. This is the future that, if you are totally honest and real, you know is going to develop in the next weeks and months. In most cases that future is not much different than the past because we mostly chose our energy/state based on data the mind has collected. The mind only has access to what it has recorded in this life and to nothing else. The soul on the other hand, has access to something other than recorded data from the past. To access the souls data you must relax down to a state beneath the surface-layer of normal everyday thoughts. And you must allow yourself to think thoughts you have never thought before. What is a place you have never been to before? What is a person you have never experienced before? What is a time outside of your lifetime? What is a planet outside of your planet? Such questions and hundreds of similar immediately put your attention to a place outside of the mind that has only recorded events of this life, this place, this time. Your default future will happen because you keep thinking, remembering and feeling similar to yesterday and the day before yesterday and so on. If you do not very much change your vibration your nice life or not-so-nice-life will stay pretty much the same. And you can actually sense this. You can sense your default future. If you are waiting for the big breakthrough or the big surprise or the big gift from the Universe, guess what: Its not going to happen TO you, its going to happen THROUGH you. There is nothing to wait for. If you are vibrating on a high level of energy, then it is THROUGH this energy that you will attract interesting things. Another way to say this is: Whatever is happening right now, in your current surroundings,, your current state, your current reality...thats pretty much all there is. That pretty much perfectly reflects your true vibration. You are not vibrating less or more than that. If you swiftly change your emotional state, that will reflect in a time-span from 3 days to a few months. More precisely: You should receive the first indicators of change within a few days but full manifestation can take months. If there is a lot of resistance it can take years. The art is to be able to maintain your belief in your new reality even though things still look like in the old reality. If you do not maintain the new energy, you will slip back into the pre-set, default future. What will your life be like in the next few weeks? Go ahead, sense it. You can. Stress and the Law of Attraction The other day I witnessed an acquaintance who was going to a job interview. She had apparently really wanted the job interview but she was very stressed about it. Everything I had told her about calm and poise was gone in an instant. So stressed was she that her entire field of perception contracted and she perceived nothing but her own thoughts. So stressed was she that she drove through the same radar-trap three times (!) amassing a massive speeding bill within only 20 minutes. Why did she drive through the same thing three times? Because she didnt know where she was going and was not paying attention. And the worse it got, the worse it got. When getting out of the car her jacket somehow got strangely tangled up in the seat. She tried to rip it out and the jacket tore apart, ruining her overall appearance for the job interview. I had not seen the phenomena of what I call narrowed attention in awhile, but this was a fantastic demonstration of that. She was sweating, cursing, complaining. Did she get the job? Most likely not. You attract what you radiate. Its as simple as that.Simple yes, easy not always. Opening your attention, opening up the contraction, relaxing deeply (while staying awake)...thats what its all about. On Pre-Coaching Success A strange phenomenon I have been noticing is that people who sign up for various Courses, such as the Reality Creation Course get their results or some results before the Course even starts – retrospectively so to speak.  In the last Course I had a student who signed up with Relationship issues (dramatic break-up) that were all resolved (he found someone much better) before he even arrived. Something similar has happened with someone or other in every Course I've ever given. But why? Well, it has to do with the persons own level of expectation and with their commitment to change. By signing up for a Live Course, their level of expectation of what life is going to be changes. It is not only the Course that creates change but what a person expects to get out of it. By signing up to Coaching, the person makes a commitment to change. And often the commitment to change is enough to change. The sign-up is saying “Here, I am willing to invest time, attention and money to change this”. And then it does change. A similar phenomenon happens when someone signs up for one of my coachings and does not get his result in my coaching but a few days later elsewhere. For example one did a skype coaching session with me to release a knee-pain she was having since some time. She did not completely dissolve the knee-pain in the session itself, but what we did there paved the way for the manifestation of help. Only four days after the session she met a doctor. A week later this doctor treated her. A month later she was free from her knee problem and has stayed so ever since. Again it was the commitment to change that helped her. During the coaching session we set the strong intention to create relief for her knee and a month later that was manifest. Does it matter whether it was made manifest through a doctor? Not at all. She had seen other doctors before that and they had not helped her. This one could help her because her mind was properly aligned, The Universe delivers opportunity Non-Manifestation is just as much a teacher as Manifestation. I just got off the phone with someone who I had been working with for a month. His big goal was to get a professional soccer team involved in his mind-power products. Of Course thousands of people have similar intentions so "getting in" is quite the challenge. Various Visualisations were applied. And paths of opportunity did manifest...if only he had taken them! In a casual conversation with a stranger in a Cafe he revealed his intention to reach pro Sports teams. The person said "I can help you with that." He was some kind of sports agent affiliated with the local pro soccer team. Then and there they agreed that he would send the agent some of his material. But at the end of the conversation our reality-creator-in-practice forgot to ask for his email address or Business card. The Universe does deliver opportunity and unlikely "coincidence". But we do have to be on the ball enough to take those leads. Our reality-creator-in-practice did not resign himself with "opportunity missed", kept believing and just shortly thereafter he met a woman who also had personal relationships with executives of the Sports Club. This time he did get the Business Card. It remains to be seen whether his energy-field is strong enough to land a contract with that Pro Soccer Team. What he has experienced this month are the "Islands before the Land". Before something manifests fully, before Land is seen, pieces of land are seen. As a reality-creator do not mistake the islands for the mainland. That is, don't settle with less. Stop Watching TV, start creating Reality In some respects, watching TV is the opposite of creating reality. When you create a reality you pro-actively choose a mental image, focus on it, talk about it and then act on it. The investment of further thought, word and deed finally results manifestation. When watching TV you sit down and become passive. Your own creation of thoughts is replaced by the screen creating thoughts for you. You then have whatever thoughts the show is about. And because of the nature of entertainment, 75% of what is broadcast through the screen into your body, mind and subconscious, is negative. Anything can be a medicine or a poison, depending on the dose. A little bit of TV and Movie-Watching can be an inspiration, relaxation or motivation. But if you overdo it, it becomes a drug and then a poisonous drug. This is due to the hypnotic effects of rapid sight, sound and light. You can see this effect the best with children. They may have been engrossed in playing something but the moment the running TV catches their attention, they suddenly fall into a trance-like daze and immediately become inert. Television creates reality for you. And if you watch too much TV or Movies, it is because you have lost the power to create your own reality. It is because you have lost your energy and feel too exhausted to create. TV does not actually solve the problem of exhaustion. Most people actually believe that flopping on the couch after a “hard days work” is a form of “relaxation”. This may be true if done once in awhile, but it is certainly not true if done every day. What happens instead is that you train your body and mind to believe that the flickering screen is the source of relaxation or the source of certain joys. It then becomes habituated to the idea. But watching TV usually does not give you refreshment and energy. You`ll just become used to not exercising the power of your will. 10 Minutes of Meditation after work could have given you plenty of energy, more than any movie ever would. But then the next issue arises for so many people: “What should I do with all that energy?”. Not having anything worth living for, worth working towards, worth investing in, they then fall back on the pointless Internet-Surfing and TV-Watching. I don’t mean to moralize about TV. There is nothing wrong with it. It is the subtle addiction that is the culprit. As you probably know, with many people, one show turns into two, three, four, five…day by day. I know a lot of “retired” people who do nothing other than watch TV all day, vegetating in a chair until death. They have all the time in the world and can lazy around all day, but none of them are happy that way because they do not feel they are of any more value. I also know plenty of teens and twens who get extremely nervous when they do not have a screen in front of them for a few hours. Remove some peoples TV and Internet for a few days and they go crazy. Ask yourself: “Do I have TV, or does TV have me?”. Ask the same question about the Internet. And about anything else attention gets stuck to: Food, Drugs, Sex, Coffee, Tobacco, Alcohol and countless other things. “Do I have this, or does this have me?”. If you have it, you can turn it on and off any time. If it has you, you become so hypnotized that you have no control over it.  If you find you have no control over it, you can regain control with Awareness. But how to be aware of unawareness? Well, in the cause of Internet-Addiction or Internet-Hypnosis, you could for example set an hourly alarm-clock to wake you out of your hypnosis. Your alarm clock rings and you ask yourself: “Where is my attention right now? Is that where I would like my attention to be? If so, fine. If not: Where would I like my attention to be now?” That’s only one example to re-condition yourself. Find your way to break your hypnosis and wake back up to life. Regaining control of your life is a matter of taking back your attention where it has gone on automatic too much for too long. Remember: The word “muse” means to think, contemplate, meditate, ponder. The word “amuse” indicates the opposite of that. Your Authority over Reality Whether your spoken word manifests or not is a matter of authority. Repeating an affirmation without authority has little effect. Repeating an affirmation with a great sense of authority has a great effect. It is not the affirmation that works magic, it is the person voicing it. Your authority depends on a number of factors. Most importantly the belief that you even have the right and fully deserve to voice and have what it is you are saying. If you value who you are and your word is congruent with your innermost beliefs and it is also believed that the creation benefits others in general, your word will have more power. If you can generate a sense of positive emotion in connection with voicing your statement, your word gains even more momentum. If you of general good standing in life...financially well-off, in good relationships to others, in a healthy physical state and with a wide variety of skills learned, you will sense even more self-respect and by that your word will have even more power. If the word you voice is something you would truly prefer to have and you have arrived at that goal after authentic and honest examination, that adds more power to your word. When you voice your affirmation, what is the tone of your voice? Who is voicing that? Which version of you is voicing that...the needy version of you, or the whole-and-complete version? Your voice and word have tremendous power when used properly. Your voice and word can destroy and they can create. Using your word to create is much more fun. Be the Cause of what you Want BE CAUSE. Be the Cause of what you want. Be the source of what you want. This is a reversal of the world-mind that is always wanting and seeking without giving anything. Causing others to have what you want is the fastest way of becoming Source. And when you're Source of something, you will easily create or attract it, because what goes around comes around. By principle of the holographic Universe, return does not need to come from the same place you invested into. Wanting Love? Extend it to someone first. Wanting Success? Find a way to make someone else more successful. Wanting Health? Tend to and care for someones physical betterment and recovery. Wanting Money? Give money to someone who needs and wants it. Wanting someones attention? Let go of waiting for it, and give your fullest attention to someone first. Whatever it is you want, you can have it, if you become the source of it. Here you have one of the great mysteries of mysteries revealed in an article on a website. Will you make any use of it? Let the Universe be Your Insurance Placing too much trust and reliance on Insurance indicates too little trust and reliance on life, energy, the Universe. No amount of Insurance can guarantee health, abundance or safety. I am not against Insurance, go ahead and get your Insurance. But don't make it what it is not. It's not the  ultimate safety net against life. If you identify with the body as in "I am the body" you will never have safety. If on the other hand you identify with Awareness, which is Infinite and Eternal, you will have plenty of safety because you define yourself as that which cannot be corrupted, hurt, destroyed, broken. The world of form is limited in time and space. Find that which is unlimited and you will be safe. The best Insurance policy is the Universe. I did not have health-insurance for 15 years because I knew the Force would take care of my health and well-being. And it did. I only acquired health-insurance when the laws of the country I lived in required me to do so. Now I have health-insurance and it is OK that I do, but it is still not my main focal point of reliance. I have third party risk insurance but I hardly ever use it because there are many issues which can be handled person to person or even metaphysically. That is, if you are generally a person who radiates positive energy, you will get positive actions back. "For some strange reason" accidents never happen to me. The more fear you accumulate, the more insurance you need. The more love and joy you radiate, the less insurance you need. Reality Manifests when you follow through The term "follow through" means to bring something to an end, to complete, to finish, to go all the way. The term originates in sports such as baseball and golf where one has to swing the bat/club all the way through, even after the ball is already gone. Indeed, as if by some mysterious invisible force, the follow through after hitting the ball gives it more momentum. As already explained in the video Creating a Reality is a Decision, it is not good (for reality creating) to abort and contradict decisions half way, because it weakens the swing and does not allow for the energy of momentum to be built. Aborting decisions is exemplified in the following statements I have heard from a coachee of mine: "Well, I did some of the Bliss Course, but I wasnt really into it so I started the Matrix Energetics, which resonates more with me". One month later: "Oh yeah...well, I never did finish Matrix Energetics, but I am now getting to know EFT, which seems to be working better for me". I predict he is not going to follow through with EFT either. In fact, he has not been following through with anything...including his career project and an NGO he belonged to because not-following-through has become habitual to him. Manifesting results in life, as well as a solid sense of belonging, achievement and empowerment comes from staying loyal to a path you have decided to take. The person in question could get fantastic results from any of the methods mentioned "Bliss Course", "Matrix Energetics" or EFT...if he followed through with any of them. Things get their power from you...from your dedicated and continued focus. You decide based on what you are drawn to, based on what you resonate with. Thats how you know which decisions are right-for-you. But then, once you follow a certain path, it is natural that various resistances and hurdles come up. Then saying "I no longer resonate with this" and aborting it at every tiny instance of discomfort is not beneficial. In most cases you ought to stick to it and complete it. You will grow stronger and your word-power, action-power and decision-power will grow stronger because your subconscious learns that once you make a decision, you follow through and it comes true. In fact, if you stick to a certain reality for a long time, it begins revealing aspects to it you have never dreamed  of before in your wildest imagination. For instance, I have stayed loyal to a certain circle of people for 15 years now. I considered severing my connection to that group of people 7 years ago because I got bored by them. Instead I persevered and am now witnessing magical developments regarding the group. In another example, I have stayed loyal to reality-creation-coaching for 25 years although it did not generate any feedback, much less income for me in the first 5 years. Any reality you focus on long enough, reveals its magic and reveals that it is an aspect of Infinity and itself contains all there is to know about all-there-is (if that makes sense:-). This is as if every puzzle piece of reality contains the potential experiences of the entirety of reality. Relationships grow stronger over time if you persevere through "difficult times"and overcome the Egos resistances. Your professional position becomes stronger over time as you persevere through "difficult times" and overcome the Egos resistances. If there is anything worse than aborting decisions made, then its neither-aborting nor following through. Being in that vague undecided-zone. So when speaking of reality as energy and energetic momentum, following through is the best choice, aborting second and doing neither of the two third. When you follow through on some project, you accumulate space, time, matter, information and ideas around the thing you are focusing on. You would not be attracting those new ideas and that expertise around something if your attention were scattered and jumping from item to item. So indeed it is better to know little and practice much than to know much but practice little. And it were better you are able to do one thing fully than many things half-heartedly To control reality, first take control of yourself If you would like to control, change, reverse, influence reality you must first control, change, reverse or influence yourself. This is the primary rule of reality creation. It is a mistake to try to first change the external world, the circumstances, other people, others emotions, reactions, feelings, to try to gain favor with others, etc. No. The first solution is found in taking charge within yourself. Pick up an object in front of you. Thats how easy it is to take conscious and deliberate control of something. Now drop it. Now alter it somehow. You are currently fully in charge of the situation regarding that object. This rule applies to any situation at all. I recently helped a guy who was having enormous difficulty approaching a woman he liked. So I said to him: "Take control of yourself". "What do you mean?" he asked. "Do something deliberate. Breathe deliberately. Move deliberately. Ask to sit next to her. Let go of outcome dependency. Just let go of wanting a certain outcome, breathe that thought out. Thats how you take charge of your thinking. Smile without smiling. Thats a technique to give your face an interesting look...inside you smile and radiate humor, but you dont show the smile with your mouth. Become aware of your strengths, become aware of what you are confident and good at. And in this awareness and state, go approach her. Take charge of where the conversation therefore your and her attention goes. It doesnt matter what you do, say or what she supposedly expects of you. All woman...and all humans for that someone who is in control of themselves, feels at ease with themselves". He took charge of the situation, went to approach her....and they are now a couple! Another coachee found himself in a weak and tired state everyday and ask me what he could do. Same answer from me: Take control of yourself. Act deliberately. Put on some really, really good music in the morning when you wake up. The purpose of music is to transport your attention, your consciousness to a better place. Better than what? Better than what your mind creates at default. Take charge of your body movements and eating behavior. Take charge of your habits throughout the day. Bring more awareness into your day. Pinpoint what exactly it is you are having a problem with. By pinpointing, you put things into perspective and make things that seem big, smaller. Then define what you want instead. Take charge of your thinking and acting. He did so and was better instantly. Name any external reality you wish to change. And then assume that there is something within YOU that needs to change in order to align with that external change. I have found that this is the real key, the real secret, the thing that really works for anything. It of course requires that you stop being preoccupied with all the things you cannot control. Thats what disempowers you in the first place...all this thinking of things you can't control. If you keep examining what you can control and influence, your confidence just keeps on growing. You can control your thoughts, words and deeds. Of course changing words and deeds is a little easier than changing thoughts. The reason thoughts flow without interruption is because energy flows without interruption. But ultimately, changing thoughts and beliefs comes down to a choice. It is merely a choice to think one thing and not another. And that choice really is yours to a large extent. A little secret you need to know to take control of yourself and your life is that in reality, you have no obligations whatsoever. None. Zero. You have no Obligations toward your country, your family, your company, your spouse, your children....NONE. Please think about this for a moment. All Obligations you think you have, are artificial constructs. Now I am not implying you should go ballistic and shock your relatives and loved ones by suddenly breaking what they expect of you. You may have love toward them, and your love compels you to be with them as if you had Obligations. And that is great. On the other hand, it is very liberating inwardly to realize you have no real "musts". You may have preferences, but these preferences are not "musts" and "shoulds". The enjoyment of life recedes when there are too many things felt as "Must and Should": So if you stay with your spouse or your kids or your company or whatever, it is not because you MUST or SHOULD, it is because you CHOOSE to. Feel the difference. Its a big difference. "MUST and SHOULD" come from resistance, CHOICE comes from love. To control reality, first take control of yourself. Do not try changing the mirror first. 99% of a reality is manifest before you see it You cant fully rely on what you see and what realities are already created, because new realities are already underway and they can be fully created and ready-to-manifest before you even catch a glimpse of them. Realities are created on the non-physical plane and manifest to the physical plane. The non-physical plane makes up 99% of reality, the physical only 1%. Physical reality is like the outermost tip of a pen. It is not the whole of reality, only a tiny aspect. That’s why people who are solely focused on physical reality, solely focused on the visible, are hopelessly ignorant and disempowered. Every time I coach a student, all I have to do is remind them of the non-physical (spiritual) dimension to life, to re-empower them. I urge all readers to pay attention to their “inner state” more than outer circumstances, because ones state is more real than external circumstances. Those circumstances are the outside tip of the pen, but what about the rest of the pen? Many try to manifest new realities but give up prematurely if their desire is not quickly visible. That’s too bad, since it can already be 99% manifest before they even see it. Ive seen many give up at 99% because they don’t see evidence of it. Belief/Faith means to believe in the unseen, to believe in the not-yet-seen and thereby invite it into physical reality. This process is called reality creation.  When a new reality manifests it first shows itself as a certain “vibe”, as certain feelings and emotions. It then manifests as information, “omens” and “coincidences”. Then, finally, it starts manifesting as physical, tangible reality. Another way of seeing this is: When a woman is pregnant, you cannot see the manifested child for 8 months. But just because you cant see it, does not mean its not there. With this in mind you realize that the source of everything is the non-physical. Do you think your job is the source of money? You're wrong. What we call "the field" or "the universe" or God is the source of ALL money. Thinking job is the source of money will keep you poor. If you have ever spent any time with rich people you know most of them see it this way. Do you think workout and dieting are the source of ideal weight? Dead wrong again. Those things can certainly help you achieve your goal, but they are not a primary source. There is only one primary source and that primary source is a non-physical, intangible force. Look at what you rely on for peace of mind, for relationship, for health, for money and for all else. Do you rely on that ultimate source of all things or do you rely mostly on secondary sources? Do you rely mostly on what your eyes can see...on the "already manifested", or do you rely on the unlimited source of abundance infinite and eternal? You are living a movie If Imagination really creates reality then wouldn't novelists manifest what they write about? Yes they would. And yes they do. But many are not consciously aware of it. And wouldn't filmmakers and actors manifest what they act out? Yes they would. And yes they do. But many are not consciously aware of it. When an author writes a novel of fiction, he is focusing attention-energy on an imagined reality. What you focus on deeply, you begin attracting into your life. The only thing that is keeping horror-novel author Stephen King from manifesting all the horrible things he writes about is his belief that "it's not real". But even so, his writing will have some effect on his everyday life. An interviewer once asked him "Do you believe in what you write?" and he answered "I believe in it while I write about it". So he has learned to compartmentalize what he visualizes into "only real while I am writing, otherwise not real". This is how he protects himself from those things manifesting in his life. Living a Novel Consider this story a reader sent to reality creation teacher Neville (from the book "The Law and the Promise", 1961):

One Spring, I completed a novelette, sold it and forgot it. Not until many long months later did I sit down and nervously compare some ‘facts’ in my fiction with some ‘facts’ in my life! Please read a brief outline of my created story. Then compare it with my personal experience.

“The heroine of my story took a vacation trip to Vermont. To the small city of Stowe, Vermont, to be exact. When she reached her destination she was faced with such unpleasant behavior on the part of her companion that she either had to continue her lifetime pattern of allowing another’s selfish demand dominate her or to break that pattern and leave. She broke it and returned to New York. When she returned (and the story continues) events took shape in a proposal of marriage which she happily accepted.

“For my part of this tale… as small events evolved… I began to remember the dictates of my own pen and in significant relationship. This is what happened to me! I received an invitation from a friend offering me a vacation at her summer place in Vermont. I accepted and was not startled, at first, when I learned her ‘summer place’ was in the city of Stowe. When I arrived, I found my hostess in such a highly nervous state I realized I was faced with either a wretched summer or the choice of ‘walking out’ on her. Never before in my life had I been strong enough to ignore what I thought were the claims of duty and friendship — but this time I did and without ceremony returned to New York. A few days after I returned to my home, I, too, received a proposal of marriage. But at this point fact and fiction parted. I refused the offer! I know, Neville, there is no such thing as fiction.”

Novels Manifest

Would it surprise you if I said that almost any event that has ever happened in History was first dreamed up in a book?

 Skype-Chat was visualized in the 1909 Novel "The Machine Stops" by M.E. Foster: "But it was fully fifteen seconds before the round plate that she held in her hands began to glow. A faint blue light shot across it, darkening to purple, and presently she could see the image of her son, who lived on the other side of the earth, and he could see her." Atomic Bombs (fell 1945) were visualized in the 1913 H.G. Wells Novel "The World Set Free": "Certainly it seems now that nothing could have been more obvious to the people of the earlier twentieth century than the rapidity with which war was becoming impossible. And as certainly they did not see it. They did not see it until the atomic bombs burst in their fumbling hands..." The 1898 novel "Futility, or the Wrecking of the Titan" visualized the sinking of the Titanic (1912) Credit cards were visualized in the 1887 book "Looking Backwards" by Edward Bellamy. Digital Media was visualized in Arthur C. Clarkes 1968 Book "2001: A Space Odyssey": One by one he would conjure up the world's major electronic papers... Switching to the display unit's short-term memory, he would hold the front page while he quickly searched the headlines and noted the items that interested him." I could go on and on. If a visualized reality doesn't manifest for the novelist, it manifests elsewhere. Anything that is put into the field through imagination, must manifest somewhere. I could make the controversial claim that filmmakers of horror and terror subconsciously want those things to manifest. And we who watch the movies are actually fascinated about such manifesting. We pay money at the movie theater or on netflix to see tragedy, violence, pain and suffering. We secretly can't get enough of it. And I am not pointing my fingers at others here, I have been fascinated by post-apocalyptic science-fiction since childhood. And that stems from the subconscious desire to be a hero who rises out of the ashes and persevere through challenges. In this world it can sometimes be a useful attitude to have. But having made this subconscious belief conscious within myself, I now make sure not to buy into such a scenario too intensely. Many people who dwell on doom, gloom and disaster secretly desire to manifest exactly that. If what I am saying is true, then a little bit of research should unveil how things that happen in the private lives of various novel writers and actors that are similar to what they wrote or acted out. The most extreme recent example that comes to mind is the actor Heath Ledger who committed suicide while playing the part of the "Joker" in the movie "The Dark Knight". When I first saw the movie I didn't know that Ledger had committed suicide. But I said: "Wow...his acting is so good that he must have really gone insane while shooting the movie". Later I learned of his suicide and was not surprised. He said to the press that his work for "The Dark Knight" had "taken a toll on my ability to sleep". He had impersonated something totally insane and evil. To do so he had to adopt the vibration of that, the belief in that. That state, fully occupied, makes it rather easy to ponder suicide. How could he have protected himself? By affirming the belief "It's not real, it's only a movie". The disadvantage: His acting wouldn't have been quite as convincing. Still convincing enough to make for good entertainment, but the movie would probably never have become one of the highest grossing movies of all time. He literally sacrificed his sanity and his life just to make a good movie. But there is another way he could have protected himself from the role: Through awareness. After movie-shooting was over he could have established a mental "Separator" between role and real life, rather than taking the bad energy into his private life. Someone playing a positive role, on the other hand, would not want such a separator. For example Leonardo Di Caprio, who usually plays roles of a guy surrounded by beautiful women is in real life continually in relationships with beautiful models. The effects of movies on Consciousness The purpose of watching a movie or tv-show is to change your state. Or what did you think the purpose was? Movies have the purpose to draw your attention in so that you temporarily lose yourself in another reality. This temporary shift of consciousness is enjoyable because you forget your regularly scheduled reality for a few hours. The danger here is of course that if you are not doing well in your normal reality you tend to become addicted and then spend too much time in those realities, indiscriminately watching one movie after another. This is not recommended for conscious reality creators. I´d never watch more than one or two movies a month because my real life is too full of beauty and I don't want my vibe distracted or interrupted from that. Of course, if your life is unbearably dull, then watching many movies can be shifting and uplifting. So the usefulness of movies depends on where you happen to be on the energy-levels scale. The effect of watching movies is not nearly as strong as writing stories or acting in them yourself. But it's there. Reality creators are typically reality sifters who are choosy about what they allow their ears to hear and eyes to see. I understand the appeal of "bad movies" and understand how movies that are all-positive and harmonious can be boring. But nonetheless it makes sense to limit your intake of dark and depressing movies, especially if you resonate with lower emotions. Not to get rid of them altogether - because you want to be familiar with the different energies out there - but not to make a hobby of them, so to speak. Whose story are you living? Everything you imagine, write and speak effects your day-to-day reality. Think, write and speak differently and you will experience something different. for people who do not like to mentally visualize, I recommend scripting. Scripting is to write down scripts or movie-scenes or entire novels of things you wouldnt mind experiencing. And the more you get into it and enjoy it, the more energy your thoughts carry and the more magically the influence what comes into your life. The Little Workbook of Manifesting "The little workbook of Manifesting" is a new 16-page ebook (PDF) that presents an 8-week program of weekly intention lists. Every week introduces another method of Intention-Manifestation so that by the end of the workbook you know exactly which method works best for you. For all who enjoyed the Law of Attraction and Intention Experiments on this website, "The little workbook of Manifesting" is a gem. It succinctly summarizes the 8 best reality-manifesting tools I know (and I know hundreds) for immediate practice. Such is the power of focusing attention and intention that your life will rapidly shift to the even better once you apply these tools. It is available for free download in the members download section.   Reality Reframing The Wisdom of Neville Goddard 200px-Neville_Goddard Neville was a Reality Creation Teacher who lived from 1905 - 1972. He was one of the first teachers I read as a teenager. His teachings easily match what I have discovered as true in decades of research and experimentation. I will now introduce him to those of you who do not yet know him with a few quotes. “Man moves in a world that is nothing more or less than his consciousness objectified". “Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.”  “Chance or accident is not responsible for the things that happen to you, nor is predestined fate the author of your fortune or misfortune. Your subconscious impressions determine the conditions of your world. The subconscious is not selective; it is impersonal and no respecter of persons. The subconscious is not concerned with the truth or falsity of your feeling. It always accepts as true that which you feel to be true. Feeling is the assent of the subconscious to the truth of that which is declared to be true. Because of this quality of the subconscious there is nothing impossible to man. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and feel as true, the subconscious can and must objectify. Your feelings create the pattern from which your world is fashioned, and a change of feeling is a change of pattern.” “Your consciousness is the only living reality, the eternal head of creation. That which you are conscious of being is the temporal body that you wear. To turn your attention from that which you are aware of being is to decapitate that body; but, just as a chicken or snake continues to jump and throb for a while after its head has been removed, likewise qualities and conditions appear to live for a while after your attention has been taken from them.”  Sleep conceals the creative act while the objective world reveals it. In sleep man impresses the subconscious with his conception of himself.”  “I will be” is a confession that “I am not “ The Father's will is always “I AM.” Until you realize that YOU are the Father (there is only one I AM and your infinite self is that I AM), your will is always “I will be.”  “Consciousness is the one and only reality, not figuratively but actually. This reality may for the sake of clarity be likened unto a stream which is divided into two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. In order to intelligently operate the law of consciousness it is necessary to understand the relationship between the conscious and the subconscious. The conscious is personal and selective; the subconscious is impersonal and non-selective. The conscious is the realm of effect; the subconscious is the realm of cause. These two aspects are the male and female divisions of consciousness. The conscious is male; the subconscious is female. The conscious generates ideas and impresses these ideas on the subconscious; the subconscious receives ideas and gives form and expression to them. By this law-first conceiving an idea and then impressing the idea conceived on the subconscious-all things evolve out of consciousness;”  For life makes no mistakes and always gives man that which man first gives himself.” “To be conscious of being poor while praying for riches is to be rewarded with that which you are conscious of being, namely, poverty. Prayers to be successful must be claimed and appropriated. Assume the positive consciousness of the thing desired.”  “Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” You do not fight against your problem; your problem will only live as long as you are conscious of it. Take your attention away from your problem and the multitude of reasons why you cannot achieve your ideal. Concentrate your attention entirely upon the thing desired.”  “Thomas, the doubter — when disciplined — would deny that sickness or anything else which was not in sympathy with the consciousness to which he belonged had any power to affect him.”  “As John I can do nothing; but since all things are possible to God and God I know to be my consciousness of being, I can realize my desire in a little while. How my desire will be realized I do not (as John) know, but by the very law of my being I do know that it shall be.”  For all Reality Creation practitioners Neville is a breathe of fresh air. If this article inspired you to read some of his works, all the better. Beginners Luck beginners luck manifestation The term "Beginners Luck" exists in various languages to describe the odd phenomenon that novices have a disproportionate amount of success compared to experts in activities such as sports, stock market, gambling or manifesting desired outcomes. It has also been called "the first time effect". I myself have experienced "beginners luck" many times. About a decade ago I  bent a spoon with my mind. That's how I know this telekinetic paranormal magic is actually real. The very first time I attempted to bend a spoon with my mind, it worked. And after that it never worked again! That had indeed been "beginners luck". I recall that the very first Seminar I held, at the age of 21, was one of the best I have ever held. Having no idea what I was doing, I was free to be spontaneous. I recall winning my very first game of chess against an expert player and not winning subsequent games. I propose that "beginners luck" is not actually "luck" in the sense of random happenstance. It has more to do with the old  zen saying "beginners mind, open mind". A naive, unsullied, open, clear, unprejudiced, child-like mind is unburdened, has no pressures or expectations, no needs, wants, preferences or desires, no resistances, fears and worries. It is therefore receptive. Once you begin to "know" things about something, you begin collecting beliefs about it and those things you supposedly "know" about it limit the options you see and the choices you take. In an open minded state you may see an unlimited amount of possibilities, whereas a closed mind may only see a few. I have been teaching "manifesting techniques" for some time now. And I have noticed that often naive and child-like people have an easier time manifesting things out of thin air. Unburdened by intellectual reasoning, intelligent questioning and doubting, heavy memories of the past, they say "I would like to manifest X" and then "X" really manifests. This could be a house, a car, a job, a partner, an object, anything. Sometimes I have noticed that if they naively believe I can manifest something for them (and this belief is naive), then it will happen. If they naively believe that some higher power is manifesting stuff for them, it will happen. It will at least happen the first or the first few times it is tried out. But once the inner skeptic, the questioning and burdened mind start switching on and saying things like "How could this happen?" and "Thats Unbeleivable", the ability may go lost. Until one day when you dare to dream again, dare to try something fresh, new or "crazy". The sense of awe, wonder and mystery you had as a child can be somewhat regained so that you have a little more of a "beginners mind, open mind".  Raising Your Frequency Sit back, close your eyes and enjoy this guided Meditation spoken by Frederick Dodson with music by Iasos. The rest of this page contains exclusive "members only" material. Please log-in to keep reading.

The Power of Imagination and Visualization

2008-2016 Frederick Dodson.  Use this page as a Training Manual on Visualization and Manifestation. Table of Contents
  1. The difference between fantasizing and visualizing
  2. How to solve problems with creative visualization
  3. Be mindful of what you feel while you fall asleep
  4. Can I have an athletic body by visualization alone?
  5. Take your mind on a trip
  6. Seeing with the eyes of the soul
  7. Visualizing without expectation
  8. Raising your vibration with the power of memory
  9. Wipe the dust off your dreams
  10. What celebrities say about Visualizing
  11. Boredom is a creation of the mind
  12. A persons actions show what they really believe
  13. How to visualize for manifestation
  14. Compensation Actions vs. Inspired Actions
  15. Belief Solidifier
  16. The Labels Exercise
  17. The Mental Improvement of your Golf-Game
  18. Partner Role-Playing Games for Manifesting New Realities
  19. Mindscaping
  20. Imaginarium
The difference between fantasizing and visualizing Fantasizing is based on desire (lack) and Visualizing is based on Belief (expecting). You will have noticed that the things you have had excessive fantasies about never came true, whereas the things you fully expected to happen did happen. Often times such inner and almost subconscious expectations are there because of past reference: You've always easily gotten a job, so you easily get a job next time. You're used to finding a good partner, so you again find a partner. You remember method X working, so method X works again.  If you have been asking yourself why the Millions of people who practice Visualization as learned in movies such as "The Secret" and countless new-age books are not experiencing what they visualized, this is the answer. They are not Visualizing in this sense of the word, they are fantasizing. They are imagining things they do not believe in, do not expect to happen and have no reference for. Fantasizing in such a way is actually detrimental to achieving your goals because it creates continued desire. Continued desire creates continued lack. But if you do not have a coach to remind you of these distinctions, you could be going on for years creating lack without knowing it. You can boost your belief in what you are visualizing by having some reference for it: Do you know anyone else who has achieved what you intend to? Have you achieved similar in the past? Could you convert your visualization into action to boost its reality? Could you inject some real emotion into your visualization? Could you focus on it for such a long time that it solidifies? Could you boost your Visualization by acting-it-out or acting-as-if? Could you pretend its a memory instead of a fantasy? Could you buffer your Visualisation by naming examples of why you think you deserve it and why you think it can come true? What you fully expect to happen, usually does happen. And you expect it to happen, usually because it has already happened. Creating a new reality is the art of fully expecting something you dont have past reference for. Either that or you simply remember past successes and from them conclude similar and more of it for your future. How to solve a problem with Creative Visualization If there is a reccurring issue in your life thats because you keep focussing on it, keep thinking it. Reccurring thoughts attract reccurring realities. So what you do is sit down and close your eyes. Get relaxed with a few deep breathes. Dropping down to Relaxation takes at least 20 seconds or maybe 120. It is difficult to visualize anything at all if you are not relaxed. The "nothingness" - state is the best place to re-programm a new "somethingness". Once you're relaxed, visualize the problem. Thats another way of saying think about your problem. Since we live in a Screenworld of TVs, Movie Theatres and Computers, it can be helpful to project a Screen in front of your Forehead (but outside of your head). When seeing a problem you would not enter the Screen or Movie. When seeing a Solution, you would enter the Screen and participate in the movie. So see the problem first. This step alone is very significant. What you are doing here is taking something that went on automatically, without your control, and you are creating it deliberately. When you create that problem-thought deliberately, you are regaining some control over it. Something else is happening here too: You are viewing the problem in a relaxed state. That means you are teaching your body to remain calm in the face of difficulties. Exercises like these solve a multitude of life issues, not only that of Imagination. As you view the problem on your screen you may feel Emotions come up in your body (often stomach, solar-plexus, chest or forehead). If you resist these Emotions they stay. If you allow them and let them come up, they dissappear in time. You can either observe the problem and bring up the Emotions until the issue is emptied of those fears and frustrations, or you can proceed with the exercise. That is, you can have the Emotions subside over time or in one sitting. Which is appropriate is for you to intuitively determine. Some people also use a frame of bright color or light for their Screen. For example, when viewing the problem they might have a bright blue light as a frame which they see erasing the problem. And for the solution they switch the color of the frame to white or gold. If you decide to do this, then you should do it consistently. It is by the repetition of the same method over and over that the method starts working. So if you are going to use color-frames to depict problem and solution, then you should do this in all of your visualizations over the months. In this way you teach the body/mind how it works...and in time, it actually does begin to work for you. You have then created your own method of solving issues. Next, either erase or release or let go of the negative image and allow the opposite of that to appear in the screen. This is another very significant step. For the first time you are deliberately shifting attention from the unwanted thought to the wanted thought. You are deliberately shifting reality. You will start attracting a different reality. Slowly at first, more obviously over time. So now you are projecting the solution onto your inner movie screen. If you have any difficulty with this step, you can make it easier next time by writing down the problem and its opposite before starting the exercise. You can only visualize and focus if you know what to visualize and focus on. If you dont know the solution or cant imagine the opposite, it will not happen for you. In this case you will either have to wait until you know the opposite of the problem or know what you want, or surrender the whole issue to the Universe, to God (see previous post). While viewing the new image on the Screen in front of your Forehead, you may also enter the Movie if you want. This intensifies the Vibration. So you are no longer just seeing a 2-dimensional screen in front of your head, but you are now physically or three-dimensionally experiencing that reality. Smelling, Hearing, Touching, Sensing, Seeing, Tasting. Finally, let go of the image. It is enough to spend between 30 seconds and 3 minutes on the problem and between 30 seconds and 3 minutes on the solution. I recommend you repeat this 3 times a day...for how long? Until the issue is completely solved and the new reality in place. Reality Creation works :-) Be mindful of what you feel while you fall asleep Your subconscious is like a loyal servant who fulfills your every wish. Except that it does not fulfill your wishes, it fulfills what you feel. It takes what you feel and alters your perception and actions according to it. To make your wish come true it must be believed by your subconscious. To be believed by your subconscious you have to feel as if your wish is not a wish but already true, already fulfilled. How would you feel if your desired reality is already true? The subconscious is not that receptive to force or pushing, but to gentle persuasion in a state of relaxation. It is the most receptive to what you feel while you fall asleep. So if you have a time of the day where you visualize or think of your highest intentions, it should be while relaxing or drifting to sleep. As best you can, try not to go to bed upset, discouraged or fearful. Go to bed satisfied, at peace and with the feeling of already having achieved the things you want. Once asleep, the conscious mind disappears, you lose freedom of choice and your subconscious runs the show. It processes the events of the day, reorganizing your body-mind-energy-field according to the new events of the last day. And it most dominantly runs the last feelings you had while awake. If you visualize the good, successful and beautiful night after night after night, your subconscious starts adapting to your new thoughts. Then, in waking life, when the conscious mind is back on line, it has a new view of opportunity and the things you are magnetized to, changes. But more important than your specific thoughts while sleeping, are the feelings. If you are thinking good thoughts but don't feel so much, you might consider altering your thoughts until you feel even better. You never attract in life according to what you want, you attract what you embody - who you are at the deepest levels, what your subconscious believes to be true about you. What you continually take into sleep goes deep and high and must, in time, manifest in your life.  An afternoon nap can also do the job. You lie down, close your eyes and allow soft breathing to relax you. You target pleasant thoughts and feelings and get lost in those daydreams until you lose conscious awareness. You see, if you can visualize these things without a hint of effort, strain or attachment and be so relaxed that you fall asleep (which is the ultimate "letting go"), the subconscious takes this to mean that you "own" these things. Because you "own" them, no extra effort is required and there is no care whatsoever about potential failure. "Belief" or "Faith" is a feeling in the body and giving in to that feeling, relaxing into it and allowing it to grow. Even if you have had a bad day and felt lousy throughout, you can cancel the entire negativity of that day through consciously relaxing and cultivating good thoughts and feelings at bedtime. If you don't do that, then sleep will at least help you reset yourself to feel more fresh in the morning and have a new start. But you could consciously intensify that by the way you go to sleep. Can I have an athletic body by visualization alone? I am often asked "Can I have an athletic body by visualization or reality creation alone?" The answer to every "can I?" question is, in my opinion "YES!". However, its easier to do so if you are already somewhat athletic. You can only create a reality that you can feel and experience. And if you are overweight and unhealthy, then visualizing or reality-creating that you are athletic can be challenging. I recommend you become somewhat athletic by a) reducing sugar intake b) reducing carb intake (especially after 6 oclock) and c) physical workout (at least twice a week for an hour). You will notice that its much easier to visualize an athletic body while you are doing workout. Any visualization that is combined with physical action doubles in power. Then, once you already look athletic it will be easier to maintain. Then you no longer need to watch your carbs, sugar and workout as much as before because you can feel the reality of being athletic. And whatever you can really feel and believe, is easily maintained. Take your mind on a trip "Take your attention to a place it has never been before" is one of my favorite meditation or coaching-commands to help shift someones state. So where have you never been before with your attention? Lets try a few: * Hear a foghorn. Can you hear it? Where does that take you? What do you see in your surroundings? What is the time of day? What is the temperature? What is the terrain? There is splashing water nearby I assume. And perhaps you can hear the wood cracking on the boats. Close your eyes and reside there for a little while. * The picture above. Go to that place. Allow it to come alive in your mind. What are the smells? What sounds to you hear? Can you hear the footsteps and murmurings? Do you hear a chruch bell ringing nearby? Now be at this place but 200 years earlier. What changes in the overall "aura" of the place? What does that 200 year older version sound, look and feel like? How does it change your internal state to reside there for a while? Close your eyes and feel. * Now travel to a place near where you live. And take that place 200 years into the future. Take note of every detail. Every color. Every shape. Every sound.. Every impression. Turn up the volume a little. Turn up the brightness. Turn up the three-dimensionality of the place. Being removed in time, it is a foreign place and yet still somewhat familiar. The intersection of foreign and familiar is fascinating. You can take your mind on a trip now and then. This is how you shift your state-of-energy from the habitual and mundane to something fresh and exciting. This opens up new pathways in the mind; it attracts new types of thinking and seeing. You can find a more intense version of this technique in the audio "Intensifying Imagination" which is Part 5 of the Reality Creation Course. Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul What is standing in the way of seeing life through the eyes of your soul are the Millions of "opinions" you have accumulated and formed about reality. All these "opinions" act as filters. Your soul is subtle and it emerges below the threshold of all that opinion-noise of the surface-mind. A nice little consciousness-trick you can use to deepen your insight and reading of any situation is to view it without any opinion. If for example you are ill and you have formed dozens of opinions, information and other mind-stuff about your illness, you reduce all that opinion-noise by looking at the illness afresh, anew and without opinion, to that almost naive and untouched state you had before you had all these thoughts arose. One of the purposes of Meditation is to be able to look at things without all the filters, from silence. You may then be able to perceive solutions to that illness that had been clouded by all of your "knowledge". If its your intention to get your relationship or marriage back on track, try viewing your partner with fresh eyes and without all the opinions you have collected over the years. As you view your partner from the eyes of the soul, the relationship always stays fresh and exciting. Loss of excitement is only because all these accumulated repetitive thoughts are so boring. Opinions don't make a difference. For example, you either agreeing or disagreeing with my teachings won't make any difference in your life. What makes a difference is if you take my teachings for checking, playful experimentation and application. I don't really care whether you "agree" or "disagree" with me. I care that you experience more ethereal joy in your life. Everything I know and experience is a consequence of my curious experimentation, not of my "opinions". If you want to expand, then find things out for yourself, without the need for peoples opinions. Opinions are overrated. Often they are a limitation. An opinion is usually formed as a reaction to some event and then acts as a filter to other similar events. Opinions are thoughts at the very surface of your Being and a disregard of the vast and deep ocean below that surface. That vast and deep ocean is your Consciousness and it is full of energy. Do you want to study the river and voice your opinions about it, or do you want to jump into it and experience its flowing energy? Do you want to read up on strawberries and form opinions about them or do you want to taste them and experience their deliciousness? Giving opinions too much importance makes you easy to influence. Simply agreeing with what I or someone else says means to simply accept and copy without thinking for yourself. That's not smart because it would mean I can indoctrinate you with any belief-system I wish. My teachings are not given with the intent to spoon-feed you beliefs for easy consumption. They are given with the intent that you play with them, and develop your own extrapolations. One example: If I teach "see things the way love would see them", (as taught in The Enlightenment Technique) instead of just copying that, you could extrapolate from that another technique, such as "do things the way love would do them". That would then be your insight, your idea, your extrapolation. And the moment you have an insight, you grow. You are meant to develop what was taught to you in your own creative manner. Only copying what was seen or read, indicates lack of creative energy, lack of consciousness. But self-empowerment entails being resourceful from within. Too many opinions cause heavily edited perception and defensiveness. A dull mind will agree with whatever matches their  beliefs and disagree with whatever doesn't match their beliefs, without examination. It's impossible to learn or experience anything new that way. "Oh, I heard what he is teaching somewhere else before, so it must be right" and "Oh, what he is teaching does not match what I heard somewhere else, so it must be wrong". Such "opinions" are no path to deep and full understanding. Real knowledge is something you see, feel and experience for yourself. If you hold too many fixed opinions and beliefs you will experience cognitive dissonance every time someone says something that does not match your prior beliefs. Hence many will feel "defensive" and "offended" by mere words and opinions. If you feel "offended" by someones opinions, you are giving mere words way too much credence. Personally, I am not offended by anything someone says to me, because I know "I am not my opinions" and  "I am not a body", hence I cannot be hurt or attacked by words. It is only when desperately clinging to one way of seeing things that you can be hurt. A useful hint: Whatever is absolutely true cannot be hurt. Does that mean I freely insult and offend others? Of course not. If they do not know that they are not their mind/body, I have no right to try to offend them, I must respect their beliefs and social conventions. However, I am not worried or concerned about "offending" people unintentionally. If I sit together with a person of any type of worldview, the chances that something I say will "offend" them are quite high. Even supposedly "open minded" people can be quite "sensitive" when their own open-minded views are questioned (so if they were really "open minded" they would allow for the inclusion of criticism of their open-mindedness). You can easily move beyond opinion in times that it would be more appropriate. When viewing something you would like to know more about, you could rely more on your "gut feeling" than on your mind-data. Over-reliance on information will lead you astray in the long run. You could say: "I am going to pretend for a moment, that I don't know anything about this at all, that I have no knowledge at all, and look at this topic with fresh eyes". You could intend "Please allow me to see this the way the Universe would see this", "I would like to see this the way Love would see this", "I want to see this from the eyes of the highest Source". A mind clear as a cloudless sky can see the Universe. Visualizing without Expectation This story was sent in by Geoff Parsons, geoff (at) It is a nice little story that demonstrates the art of "visualizing without expectation". Thanks to Geoff for serving as an inspiration to us all. "This isn't a big one, although, everything, no matter how small is infinitely amazing. :) I was commenting on Facebook on a friend's post and noticed a girl commenting, so I looked at her page and felt she was someone I might know, perhaps a soul friend, plus her birthday is near mine. I relaxed, imagined that I was looking at a friend request from her, pictured the little "confirm ignore" box and felt myself smiling. I then let go and got on with the rest of my evening. The next morning, less than 18 hours later I popped on Facebook and I saw the "confirm ignore" box from her. :-) I didn't speak to her, or engage her in ANY way, not even in the comments section of the mutual friend. I had basically *zero* contact with her. I think it's really awesome, because it shows just how quickly we can manifest that which we imagine if we can REALLY let go and remove all expectation. The only thing stopping us from manifesting "big" things is our intense expectation and resistances".   Raising your Vibration with the power of memory memories of the distant futureMemory is a powerful tool if you use it deliberately. Most of us get used by it, by getting lost in boring old stories and petty re-runs of all sorts of grievances. But using memory as your personal tool for accessing different types of frequencies, vibrations, moods, emotions (yes, these words are used as synonyms here) you can learn how to elevate your state within seconds. When you remember something you access its frequency. It takes only a few seconds to refresh and recall something and about 60 seconds to warm it up to the point that it starts effecting your auric energy-field. By remembering something you reactivate the inner state and emotion you had back then. Thus you begin to attract similar into your life once again. This works better if you are able to go into detail. So when you describe a past event to someone or remember it mentally, the more detail you can conjure up the better. You probably know pouty and sad types who love to go into all the delicious detail of their victim-story. In this way they re-create the emotion in the present moment and guarantee that similar events will happen to them again in the future. And you can do the same for good memories. So remember one of the best locations you have ever been to. And remember specific details about it. Remember one of your best romances and specific details about it. Keep with it for more than a minute. But don't remember that romance as if you are dissociated or separate from it. Remember it as if it is happening right now. Remember one of your greatest career successes and specific details about it such as who else was there, what furniture was there, what the temperature was, what you might have had on and so forth. And remember one of your most inspiring visions in detail. Once you've gone through these memories, you will feel enriched. In the days to come your perception and actions will have undergone a slight shift to the better. So any time you seek to reclaim your inner power, focus on one of your key great memories. Those are memories you can draw upon for many thousands of years to come. A more detailed and guided version of this process can be found in the Reality Creation Supercourse. Wipe the dust off your dreams Are there problems you are no longer trying to solve because you have resigned yourself to believing they can't be solved? Are there dreams you have given up on some time ago because you have resigned yourself to believing they can't be reached? If you are a human being, your answers to both questions is probably "Yes". And if you have given up on too many things, you live in a state of Resignation, not fully alive, not fully inspired. This article asks you to reconsider things you have already given up on, to open those dusty boxes of forgotten wishes back up. Some people mistake giving up with "letting go". The two are different. "Letting Go" is a form of release-from-attachment. It means you are not attached to a particular outcome, not pushy about it. You're still interested in the outcome, but without worry. Giving up, on the other hand, is a fake loss of interest in a preferred outcome. It happens when you have tried something over and over again and it just didn't work or didn't last. You then hide the desire in the subconscious and act as if it didn't interest you. But when it happens to another person, you feel excitement or emotional pain. That's how you know you are still secretly interested in it. You might say "Nevermind, those were naive dreams of my youth" or "I've found peace, I don't need that anymore" or "Some things just can't be done" or "Many things are predestined" or similar, but still feel something when the idea arises.  Nobody  has desires without the inherent ability to fulfill them. That's a fact I have learned throughout my work. If you didn't have the ability on some level, you wouldn't have the desire. Exercise 1. As the title on a piece of paper, write down a problem you are no longer trying to solve or a goal you are no longer trying to reach because you have given up. Take an honest look and find something you still really want but have pretended that you don't anymore. 2. Write down the "facts" (beliefs) you have "accepted" about why it can't be done. 3. Ask several probing questions about these "facts": Are they really absolutely true? Isn't there anyone who has achieved or solved that? Why do I think that I can't? Can I prove these limiting beliefs rationally? What are assumptions underlying these beliefs? Would I tell someone else in a similar situation that they too should give up on it? If not, why not? Add your own probing questions if you like. The point here is to deconstruct your "facts" and expose them as beliefs (thought-forms), not as universally true facts. Write your answers down. 4. Write down what you would like to believe instead of these old thoughts. Practice thinking or visualizing them every day until they become "second nature". Initially new thoughts are unfamiliar, but the more often you think them, the more subconscious they become. Once they are deeply and effortlessly believed, they begin manifesting in your life. 5. Consciously behave as if your new thoughts were true until your new behavior becomes subconscious or effortless. If you fall back into old patterns, gently shift back to the new you - if necessary, repeatedly. Making New Beliefs Stick Imagination + Strong Belief + Emotion + Relaxation + Repetition + correspondent Action programs whatever you imagine into your subconscious.  Your subconscious then takes over and influences your perception and actions until the end-result is reached. A strong belief is something you see as a fact and no longer question. It`s an absolute. A certainty. If you are not sure what that feels like, think of something you are 100% certain about. Are you 100% certain the sun will rise tomorrow? "Well of course, but that's a fact" you say. But I say, you have to think similarly of the dream which you want to manifest. "Yes, of course. It's a fact". There is no effort or tension in believing that "the sun will rise tomorrow".If you can find a way to have the same certainty about your new preferred reality, you will attract it into your life. It may take a while...but you wouldn't wait for something you know is "already true". You wouldn't wait for the sun to rise because you know it will rise regardless and in its own time. You can do this with anything you want in life: Take a thought. Think it consciously over and over, until it becomes subconscious. If it is a new thought, it always begins with doubt. That's normal. Doubt is simply telling you that whatever you wish to manifest, is not ingrained in your subconscious yet. There is another, already existing program there. And with some practice, the new program replaces the old one. Thoughts Accumulate to Beliefs
"The thought that you think, you think, which attracts to it; so you think it some more, which attracts to it; so you think it some more. In other words, when you have an expectation, you've got a dominant thought going on, and the Law-of-Attraction is going to deliver that to you again, and again and again. And you say "The reason that I believe this, is because it is true." And we say, the reason that you believe it, is because you've practiced the thought. All that a belief is, is a thought that you keep practicing". - Abraham Hicks
What Celebrities say about Visualizing

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky is widely considered not only a good ice hockey player but the best ice hockey player of all time. Gretzky holds 61 ice hockey records.  In Gretzkys own often quoted words: “We taped a lot of famous pictures on the locker-room door: Bobby Orr, Potvin, Beliveau, all holding the Stanley Cup. We’d stand back and look at them and envision ourselves doing it. I really believe if you can visualize yourself doing something, you can make that image come true . . . I must have rehearsed it ten thousand times. And when it came true it was like an electric jolt went up my spine.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger first became "Mr. Universe", the world heavyweight Champion. After that he re-invented himself to become the best paid Hollywood actor of his time. He then re-invented himself again to become the Governer of California. The secret to this unusual amount of success he explains as follows:
schwarzenegger visualization

Will Smith

According to Will Smith "Your thoughts and words have physical power"

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Bill Gates is rumored to have used the 19th Century reality creation book "The Master Key System" to practice visualization. bill gates visualization

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Boredom is a Creation of the Mind
Seeking happiness out in the circumstance-world instead of within is the #1 cause of ALL suffering. Sex, Food and Shopping can only provide happiness temporarily. They would taste much better if sometimes you could practice restraint. You dont have to act like a whiny child in a sweets shop who needs instant gratification. Do without sometimes. Do without Television, Sex, Food, Alcohol sometimes. Not all the time, because that would defeat the purpose of restraint which is to gain control over the inner will and also much more enjoy things like food, sex, television. There is a very powerful exercise I sometimes do in coachings with people. I send them to a place they consider boring or uneventful. I ask them to stay there until they are totally and completely blissful. This may take an hour. It may take many hours. It may take several days. The purpose of the exercise is to experience bliss as coming from within...not from out there. Boredom is a creation of the mind. If you have ever been in the desert or a similar plane of nothingness you will quickly notice that you go through different phases, often beginning with boredom and tiredness but then, as you break through those resistances you move up the scale of emotions so that it is possible to feel completely happy and free despite there being "nothing" there and "nothing" to do.
 A persons actions show what they really believe
Your innermost beliefs determine the reality you experience. If you want to know what you or someone else really believes, look at the actions. What they say they believe, want to believe, pretend to believe, write, think is not always the best indicator of their innermost beliefs. Some examples: * Famous Spiritual Guru Deepak Chopra claims that we can re-structure our body by thought alone, yet he goes to the gym for workout regularly. What he therefore really believes is that some physical movement is required to re-structure the body. * Another famous new-age teacher, Joe Vitale, claims that no work is required to attract abundance or achieve something, yet the guy is a 24-7 workaholic. What he therefore really believes is that work is beneficial. * I recently met someone who obnoxiously kept telling us that he loves everything and everyone unconditionally and that he has let go of anger forever. He also happened to mention that he does not consider any acts bad or wrong. So just for fun I stole his wallet he had left lying on the table. When he noticed his wallet is gone I thought he might be a little upset, what what came next was much more than that: He completely lost his composure and his "love and light" charade had disappeared. He totally freaked out, started blaming the staff - at which point I revealed I had taken his wallet. I said: "Unconditional Love is easier said than done" and left it at that. He soon thereafter left our table :-) What he therefore really believes is that love is sometimes justified and sometimes not. * A friend of of a friend claims he is financially well-off, and yet he keeps having to display his expensive clothes and brands. If he were really well-off he would not have to make a case of it every day. In your own life you can stop pretending you believe in something and look at your daily actions to tell you what you really believe.  And its not a bad thing to believe you have to do X in order to get Y. It is more detrimental to believe that but then pretend that you believe Z. Once you get very clear about what your innermost and deepest convictions about reality are, you are in a position to change them. You certainly cannot change them if you wont even admit they are your Beliefs. Compensation Actions vs. Inspired Actions Compensation-Actions are things you do to compensate for negative beliefs and emotions. Inspired Actions are the things you do when you are free of fear and negativity. If for instance you believe and feel that you are ugly, no amount of surgery, cosmetic treatment, fitness training and dieting will ever overcome that belief. Those are compensation-actions which might create temporary relief or temporary gain, but no real and lasting breakthrough. Now if you have changed your belief to "I am beautiful" and you then feel inspired to have cosmetic treatment or fitness training, those same actions can become inspired-actions and will create results. In other words, its a waste of energy to try to act-over negative inner programming. To find out whether you are being driven by ineffective compensation-actions or inspired-actions you can try the following: a) Make a list of all the actions you took in the past week b) For each item ask yourself why you took that action. Was it inspired by love or fear? By a sense of responsibility or a sense of frustration? By enthusiasm or anger? By joy or doubt? And simply write down C (Compensation) or I (Inspiration) after each action. c) To uncover the negative beliefs you could ask yourself "What would someone who is doing this have to belief?" And then simply accept whatever emotion arises as a reaction to this question. Right thereafter you could ask: "What would I like to believe or think instead?" and either write down or visualize that new idea. d) In your new state you may still do some of the old actions but they will feel different. Or you might have entirely new ideas of what to do or how to do it. So what you have here is yet another very simple yet very powerful tool for transformational processing. The main point here is really that it is so much more fulfilling and real to go deep within before running around and seeking to change things at the periphery. Failing to do so is like trying to fix a bad tooth by brushing your teeth and popping a pain-killer instead of going to its root and pulling it out. The tooth brushing and pill might make you feel better temporarily, but in the background waiting for you, is still the issue of the bad tooth that is aching from its roots. Your deeper seated core-beliefs are in the background waiting for you and once you relax again just a little, they will come to the forefront to haunt you. This is a technique to address core-beliefs. Another technique to do so is described in my Video "A Technique for Clearing Limitations". Yet another method is described in my eBook "Advanced Reality Creation". There are also several within my audio-programs. You understand why I continually publish material on addressing core-beliefs...because that is the ultimate medicine and the ultimate answer to peoples issues.
    How to Visualize for Manifestation In my coaching work we don't "Visualize for Manifestation" so that something can happen in the Future but so that something happens right now - in your energy-body and with your well-being. By visualizing you energize and magnetize yourself. Yes, this alone has effects on your physiology and everyday reality and can influence what you do and do not attract throughout the day and week. But more specifically it keys you in to noticing opportunities and the correct actions that will lead you to your goal. For Reality Creators a form of daily practice or discipline is a must - be it in "Intending" or "Visualizing" or "Releasing" or Meditating or writing "Gratitude Lists". Why? Because reality happens every day too. And so your influence can happen every day too. Basic Reality Creation
  1. Write down something you want (Define)
  2. Visualize it as real as your current surroundings (Focus)
  3. Feel enthusiasm and gratitude about having received (Activate)
  4. Trust as if it had already happened here and now (Release)
  5. Write down what you would be doing if it had already happened (Physicalize)
  6. Do these things (Physicalize)
More Detailed Visualization
Choose a reality/desire/goal you would like to intensify your focus on, and answer the following questions about it: a)What facial expression will you have the moment it comes true? b)What will food taste on the evening of the day it comes true? c)Who are you going to tell that it comes true? d)What are people going to think when it comes true? e)What will you be doing the week after it has come true? f)What new goals will you have after it has already come true? g)What feelings will you have in the days after it comes true? h)At what time of day would you prefer it to come true? Forced Imagination vs. Receptive Imagination
If we were honest then we must admit that most people are too lazy to Visualize, too lazy to choose their own thoughts at least once in awhile. Visualization requires practice. Do not force mental images, do not force your focus, instead get into a mood of Relaxation and intend to focus on pleasant things and then receive whatever comes up. Whatever comes up effortlessly and naturally, that's what you can Visualize. If you force yourself to think things, you quickly lose the motivation to practice. Instead just be receptive. Put the Ego aside and see what life would like to give you as a gift. And then See, Hear, Feel in your Imagination. Imagination is a very powerful tool if you learn how to use it. You can use Imagination to directly influence reality. Your day will go differently than if you had not used this tool.
"Before God manifested Himself, when all things were still hidden in Him... He began by forming an imperceptible point; that was His own thought. With this thought He then began to construct a mysterious and holy form... the Universe." - Zohar
The Labels Exercise
Imagine holding a sieve under a waterfall. Depending on whether your filter or sieve is clean or dirty, the water will come out at the other end clear or muddy. It is the same with energy. Energy always rushes through your body and being. If you let that energy run through a negative filter/thought/label you will feel it as "fear", if you let it run through a positive filter you will feel the very same energy as excitement. Positive and Negative Feelings are the same energy. Therefore, if you suppress "negative" feelings you also suppress positive feelings. Next time you feel fear, try the following: Call it excitement. Remove the label "fear" and allow yourself to see life as a game and the thing you were afraid of as some exciting and interesting challenge to overcome. You will notice that the energy transforms within a few seconds. Convert worry to wonder. Next time you tell yourself "I worry how this will turn out", change it to "I wonder how this will work out". The transition from worry to wonder can be especially entertaining. One minute you were contracted and miserable, the next you are curious and eager. If you have fallen in love with someone and into the Illusion that you "need" that person, as most pop-songs prescribe, change that with "I prefer". You dont "need" anything or anyone. "I prefer" is also vastly more powerful than "I want". A label-switch that has already made its way into popular culture and management theory goes from "problem" to "challenge". Of course many have used and abused this one or say "challenge" and still feel "problem". So when there is a problem really do try to label it as a challenge and also see it as something fun to test your powers on. Thats the difference - seeing it as something fun to test your skills on. If you have no trust in your skills or the future everything will seem like a "problem". But if you do have that basic trust and zest for life everything will seem like a game. Another one is turning a reaction into a response. A reaction is something automatic. A response is a conscious choice. Note: Having no label at all helps you perceive reality as it really is. Creating new and positive labels for things helps you create reality as you would prefer. But the first step is always to get in touch with reality as it is. Please log-in to read the rest of this article.