Telepathy Training

The Telepathy Training Technique I use in Seminars works as follows: Sit across from another person, take up eye contact. Sit with that other person until you are present and your mind and body are relaxed. Person A generates one thought, along with an intense emotion and sends it to person B. Person B remains… Continue reading

Reality Creation Retreat August 2016 in London

Due to public demand and the success of the previous retreat, there will be one more Reality Creation Retreat in 2016. The Retreat is all about energy, fun, interaction and genuine self-improvement. It’s 5% theory and 95% practice. Please note that it will be the ONLY retreat of its kind in 2016. Event: Reality Creation… Continue reading

A metaphysical view of terrorist attacks

Someone recently asked me why I never address “whats really going on in the world”. He brought up the recent terrorist attacks in Paris as an example of “whats really going on” and what “needs addressing” by me, as if not already enough people, experts, pseudo-experts, tweeters were “addressing” the issue. In fact, just because… Continue reading

Traveling through energy-fields

I think I got my ideas on energy-fields and levels by traveling so much. All this moving around in the world, puts the world into perspective. It has taught me that most of what’s really going on is invisible to the eye – it is the movement of energy in places and more especially between… Continue reading

One-on-One Live Coaching Locations 2015

I will be at the following locations for the remainder of 2015 for Live One-on-One Reality Creation Coaching. 12. November – 26. November: Manhattan, New York (East Midtown) 28. November – 5. December: Munich, Germany If you require me to come to your location, please make separate arrangements. The hourly coaching-rate is $299.-

How a beach house was manifested

One of the reasons people have trouble believing in “manifesting” new realities by imagination alone is because once something actually manifests, it appears “as if it would have happened anyway”. No matter how big the dream is that you manifest, the mind retrospectively assumes that it was going to happen whether you imagined it or… Continue reading

The Infinity Course is now available for FREE

The Infinity Course, originally sold for $599.- is now available for Free Streaming for all members of The course contains many hours of very-high-quality, intensely enjoyable Meditations of the following titles: Awareness Happens The Wave of the Ocean Soul Retrieval Higher Dimensions Journey to Another Life Out-of-Body-Experience Multi-Perspective 1 Multi-Perspective 2 Duality-Surfing Single-Pointedness The… Continue reading

The eye of the storm

I recently went skydiving with the aim to remain completely calm. I wanted to feel what it’s like to fall out of an airplane at 16 000 feet without accelerated heartbeat, without drama, without fear…just observing. With that intention in mind, I achieved my aim. It was an amazing and revealing experience. Normally, when we… Continue reading

Good is better than perfect

What are the flaws you are trying to hide from others? And isn’t it tiring to try to be something other than you are? If there are things you don’t know and understand, that’s alright. If you make mistakes, that’s alright. If you feel sexually inadequate, that’s alright. If there is something you don’t like… Continue reading