Manifesting while facing opposition

This story is taken from an old book called “The Power of Awareness” by Neville Goddard. It was published in 1951. I cite it as a good example of “Manifesting what you want, in spite of opposition”. In my experience it is not only possible to manifest your true hearts desire despite strong opposition, but… Continue reading

Humans Can Fly

Can humans fly with their bodies like superman? When I type “humans can fly” into Google, I find this answer from Yale University at the top position: “And now, scientists have determined that we never will: it is mathematically impossible for humans to fly like birds. A bird can flybecause its wingspan and the wing muscle… Continue reading

Journey of Life Meditation

This is a 36 Minute Meditation that begins with the mind-calming exercise of “noting-what-is” and continues with exercises on forgiveness and resentment-release. It then takes the listener deeper into relaxation by focusing on “empty spaces”. After that attention is put on other people, sending them warmth and love. Then attention is put on a pain-dissolving technique…. Continue reading

Rewrite the stories of your life

There are two ways to live: In reaction to what happens outside of you or in creation from within. When you live in reaction to the external, your thoughts, actions and feelings are mostly made by other people and events. When you live in creation from inside, your thoughts, actions and feelings are mostly made… Continue reading

Reality Creation Retreat in Switzerland 1.-7. August 2016

The Universe is not made up of atoms, it’s made up of stories. Which stories do you choose to give your attention to? The Reality Creation Retreat 2016 is not taking place in London, as previously announced, but in Switzerland. This change of location is owed to my preference of breathtaking scenery and high energy…. Continue reading

Presence and Awareness Training 22-25 August in Austria

Event: Presence and Awareness Training Location: Goldegg, Austria Coach: Frederick Dodson Date: 22-25 August Daily Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. As this event is held in the German language, the rest of the description will be in German. Fred Dodson wird in diesem Seminar die Präsenz und die Wahrnehmung der Teilnehmer schulen. Das Wahrnehmen… Continue reading

Gluttony vs. Lightness

Gluttony is one of several ways humans lower their energy and consciousness level.  The word “gluttony” is defined as “consuming more than one needs”. It is usually applied to overeating, but I apply it to everything. Consuming more than one needs makes one heavy and inert. Consuming just the right amount keeps you light and… Continue reading

What is Meditation?

In this short video, Frederick Dodson sits in Meditation. The Video was taken in South America “at the end of the world”. An answer to the question “What is Meditation?” is given in the spoken commentary.  

How to stay clear of fights with your partner

There are a few simple but very effective ways to stay clear of fights with your partner, business-associate, friends and family members. They are: Reduce engagement with them when energy is low. Regenerate and refresh first. Drop yesterdays grievance and see them with fresh eyes. When in doubt, define what you want and communicate it… Continue reading

Flooding everything in Light

“Flooding everything with light” is what I sometimes do when I’ve had a difficult day or seem too restless to fall asleep. Yesterday was one of those rare days. Then I’ll lie down, close my eyes and simply flood everything with bright light. I make the intention that this is the most high, intense, healing,… Continue reading