The Universe is total abundance. You have direct access to this abundance. Key to that is a fearless attitude. When I was younger, watching action movies sometimes frustrated me. They portrayed fearless heroes and adventure. But I wasn’t content with just watching others experience fearless fun. I noticed people around me seemed to be content… Continue reading

Results of the Retro-Reality-Creation Experiment Part 2

Read about the Retro-Reality-Creation Experiment here. Read Results of the Retro-Reality-Creation Experiment Part 1 here. Part 2 “So I had quit my old job and have been waiting for this guy to come back to Dubai and interview me for a job I felt much more excited for. He was 2 weeks late. I knew I… Continue reading

Ocean of Consciousness

The following illustration provides a map of consciousness and helps the viewer discern between “higher consciousness”, “conscious mind”, “subconscious” and “unconscious”.   Your “higher consciousness” can also be called “the soul” and at an even higher level, “consciousness” itself. It is your essence, the source of “intuitive insight” and high positive emotions such as love… Continue reading

Levels of Energy Course 16 – 18 October in Vienna

The only German-Language Training held this year will be from the 16-18 October in Vienna, Austria. It will be the “Levels of Energy” Course. To check out English Language Courses this year, please click here: Live Courses 2015 (please note that Courses in the Middle East have changed from December to the end of October 2015)…. Continue reading

The Labels Game

“For the last six years, the Wine Society of Texas has coaxed some of the best tasters in the state to come sit through a brilliant exercise: the annual Texas’ Best Wine Competition. The contest is built on the simple theory that if people don’t know what they are drinking, they award points differently than… Continue reading

Habits of Mentally Strong People

This article is continued from Developing Mental Toughness. One of my seminar exercises: You sit  in the middle of a circle of people and have them criticize, insult and doubt you while you stay calm. The exercise teaches that others bad-vibes has more to do with them than with you. Instead of becoming worried, justifying… Continue reading

Results of the Retro Reality Creation Experiment

What follows are reader reports on the Retro-Reality-Creation Experiment *** Hello Fred I did the experiment and I invited my friends on instagram to join me Some of us had amazing results. The first day I did it I had a situation at work that they were asking me to make a course. I wanted… Continue reading

The Retro Reality-Creation Experiment

Can you change the past by thinking differently of or about it? And does this change your present time circumstances? We all do this anyway to some extent. Depending on our mood we emphasize either good or bad memories or put some “spin” on those memories to make them more emotional. Negatively inclined people exaggerate… Continue reading