Reality Creation Chatroom

This is to inform you that the Reality Creation Chatroom is now open for Members of this website. Simply log-in and go to this page: Reality Creation Chat You may use this simple chat-room to ask questions to other users, answer questions of other users, comment, state your intentions, share experiences with reality creation, read… Continue reading

The promise-stacking technique

Your ability to manifest your goals and intentions increases when you habitually stay true to your word. The more you keep your promises, the more your subconscious believes that your word comes true. The “promise-stacking-technique” is based on this principle. It requires another person who acts as a witness and as a recipient of good… Continue reading

Levels of Energy Course 16 – 18 October in Vienna

The only German-Language Training held this year will be from the 16-18 October in Vienna, Austria. It will be the “Levels of Energy” Course. To check out English Language Courses this year, please click here: Live Courses 2015 (please note that Courses in the Middle East have changed from December to the end of October 2015)…. Continue reading

Be mindful of what you feel while you fall asleep

Your subconscious is like a loyal servant who fulfills your every wish. Except that it does not fulfill your wishes, it fulfills what you feel. It takes what you feel and alters your perception and actions according to it. To make your wish come true it must be believed by your subconscious. To be believed by… Continue reading

How to dissolve loneliness and rejection

One of peoples greatest fears is that of being abandoned. When a movie director wants to squeeze tears out of his audience, he will often show an abandoned child, a lonely wife, an isolated man or a rejected outcast and how they overcome their crisis. Every human being has this fear to a lesser or… Continue reading

Reflections of Light

A man is crawling through a dark tunnel at the end of which he sees a light. He follows the light until he finally reaches a cave opening in which there is a small pond of water. As his eyes adjust to the new situation he becomes aware that the source of light was not… Continue reading

Transcending Pain

Pain indicates that you are reaching your limits. But it is also an opportunity for growth. Every time you transcend pain instead of repressing it, you grow. You then become bigger than the pain instead of increasingly smaller. It is generally believed that pain is an unpleasant reaction to external stimuli and injury. So you… Continue reading

What you look at, is looking at you

What you look at, is looking at you. The majority of people don’t understand that attention is a two-way-flow. As if they can keep looking at something and not be affected by it. Energy goes both ways. If you do any kind of sports, you may have noticed a slight improvement in your own game after… Continue reading