The Conscious Creation of New Thoughts

The Conscious Creation of New Thoughts – a simple transformational exercise in Reality Creation Step 1: Write a list of thoughts that have not been helpful to you. These could be thoughts about unfavorable situations, worries about the future, resentment of others, bad-talking yourself or any others that drag you down. The list can also… Continue reading

Stop trying so hard

If you try too hard at something, it’s because you don’t really believe it. The other day I was in a bike shop purchasing my first “ebike”.  It looks just like a normal bike, but its actually an electronic one that can go all by itself. I got into conversation with an elderly guy who… Continue reading

Attention Training (+ free 27 minute Audio)

Your life is created by what you focus on and how you focus.  Attention Training is a series of 22 guided processes recorded on audio and available for instant access. Mastering your attention creates: Improved Professional Performance Relief of Emotional Pressure Relief of Physical Pain Heightened Lightness and Happiness Extension of Focus and productive Power… Continue reading

Wipe the dust off your dreams

Are there problems you are no longer trying to solve because you have resigned yourself to believing they can’t be solved? Are there dreams you have given up on some time ago because you have resigned yourself to believing they can’t be reached? If you are a human being, your answers to both questions is… Continue reading

Which inner voice is true?

In an older article titled “Who is the Boss?” (scroll down to find it) I talked about the many contradictory voices we have in our head. People ask “which one is right?”, “which one is wrong?”. The mind tends to see things in binary terms of “do and dont” or “should and shouldnt”. Consciousness on the… Continue reading

Projected Expectations vs. Authentic Speaking

If you have ever felt awkward and “not knowing what to say” in talking to others, you will experience a major breakthrough by realizing that you don’t have to say anything.  At the root of inhibition and shyness is the idea that “you have to say something” or that the other person expects something of… Continue reading

Exploiting Negativity

About 15 years ago there was a phase where a bunch of unrequested cold-callers were calling me at home. It had come to a point where the phone rang several times a day. So what I did was set up my own premium-rate number which I redirected all calls to. It required a little bit… Continue reading