Energy Polarity and Passion

Focusing and letting go. Breathing in and breathing out. Working and Relaxing. Being and Doing. Hard and Soft. Closed and Open. Unchanging and Changing. Do and Don’t. Consciousness is flexible and can easily shift. It does not try to be “this or that”, it can be both. You can easily occupy the same position as… Continue reading

Energy Authenticity (live recording)

This is a 6 minute snippet from a bootlegged live-recording of a Seminar. I don’t know when it was recorded or in which seminar (sometime between 2013 and 2014). A participant was kind enough to send it to me. It was obviously held in the middle east, as there is an arabic translator. In it,… Continue reading

Making Deeper Connections

In the last 20 years I have used a lot of different one-on-one eye contact exercises in my live Seminars. In such an eye-gazing setting we have practiced everything from telepathic transfer of intention to ascending levels of consciousness. ¬†Having students sit in prolonged eye-contact in silence or while talking has numerous benefits that go… Continue reading

Dissolving Emotional and Physical Pain

A new audio titled “Dissolving Emotional and Physical Pain” has been uploaded to the “Member Downloads” section. It updates and replaces old processes of similar kind. The process works for low to medium type emotional pains (shame, guilt, heaviness, grief, fear, anger, etc.) and physical pains. In case of severe physical pains or those directly… Continue reading

A quick trick to empty the mind

Because I teach Meditation, people are surprised to hear that I don’t meditate myself. I haven’t done a formal meditation practice in more than 10 years and yet, I tell people to meditate. A little hypocritical, no? No. One of the main aims of Meditation is to allow for higher states of awareness…inner calm, peace,… Continue reading

A New Visualization Experiment

The last Visualization Experiment in 2014 worked so well for myself and others, that I would like to start another one now. You are invited to participate. Check here to read about the last Experiment: The Experiment Experiment Results More Experiment Results Even More Experiment Results My own results (Since then, many more results have… Continue reading

Relief from Rigid Attention

I`d like to show you how subconsciously rigid and strained “normal” human attention is and how to let go and transfer from a flat, chronically stressed, two-dimensional, tense experience of life to a more mellow, empowered and aware experience of life. As you read these words, please notice how – no matter who you are… Continue reading