Projected Expectations vs. Authentic Speaking

If you have ever felt awkward and “not knowing what to say” in talking to others, you will experience a major breakthrough by realizing that you don’t have to say anything.  At the root of inhibition and shyness is the idea that “you have to say something” or that the other person expects something of… Continue reading

Exploiting Negativity

About 15 years ago there was a phase where a bunch of unrequested cold-callers were calling me at home. It had come to a point where the phone rang several times a day. So what I did was set up my own premium-rate number which I redirected all calls to. It required a little bit… Continue reading

Leap of Faith

Faith means to believe in the unseen. Faith develops your mental powers. If you only believe in what you already see and have evidence for, no such development of your power occurs.  Getting the things you want in life often requires a leap of faith, an extending of trust before you have evidence that your… Continue reading

The Bliss Course is now FREE

The 9-part Bliss Course is now FREE for Members of this website. It was produced in 2012 and originally cost $299. It has helped thousands become more calm and clear. Please go to “Member Downloads” to start the training or view it on this page after logging in.

Attention Overload

I`m not a fan of over-attentive waiters. I recall one particularly overstaffed Hotel some time ago. I went for some coffee. I was the only person in the breakfast room, but there were at least ten staff waiting to serve me. One greeted me. One showed me to my table. The other arranged my table…. Continue reading

25 Free Audio Books

I am giving away 25 free copies of the Audiobook version of “The Leadership Course”.. To get your copy proceed as follows: Go to the book’s page on Leadership Course Add the audiobook to your cart. Create a new account or log in. Enter the code (see below) and click “Redeem” on the… Continue reading

Heating Up and Cooling Down

With realities you wish to create,you add heat. By that I mean emotion, passion, focus. This gets the energy-particles spinning, interacting, growing. If someone is talking about their goal  in an intellectual, reasonable, reserved manner, chances are there is not enough energy or drive to make their dream come true. This also applies to marketing… Continue reading

The Point of Pointlessness

In my late twenties I spent three weeks getting up every morning at 4:30 to shovel snow outside and carry rocks from one hill to another. This was in summer, when there was no snow… “What`That’s pointless!” they say. “Yes, it is!” I answer. Those accustomed to zen-style mindfulness training will understand why I did… Continue reading

Pictures from Live Courses March 2015

I am on a Seminar-Tour of the Middle East, teaching Reality Creation and Levels of Energy in 7 different countries . These are some pictures of me and participants.  Fred and group in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. A big turnout of 150 participants in Algiers. Fred and Partcipant, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Fred and Participants, Al… Continue reading